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By Amjadwaince | Publish0x Compititions | 13 Jan 2023

13th January, 2023

Some days in our life are very special and unique which has no alternative and can't replace by any other day. Such like our birthday, first school day , wedding and first quiz win. 

These days has special attachment of our joy, honour and pleasure to celebrate whenever it comes in our life. 

Today is 13th of January and it is my birthday. 🎉🎂🎉. Thanks to Almighty God for blessing me such prestigious life with health, family and friends. I am lucky that I have most loving lady as my wife and super gift of God in shape of kids. 

To make your participation in my happiness I arrange a small giveaway to my fellowship. Just you need to do is

Guess the year of my birth

i am leaving this picture as hint ,



  • Above picture has three major stories of that year. 
  • It is between 1984- 1974
  • Guess the year , write  in comments
  • Drop your bitcoin cash (BCH) address also along with guess.
  • One user - one guess only.
  • Right answers will get handy tip in BCH.
  • Total amount of giveaway is $2.50 in BCH.
  • Amount will be distributed to all right answers. 
  • Winners will get their amount maximum by 15th Jan, 16.00 GMT.

Wish me compliments and made my day more memorable. A small part waiting for you . Like , thumbs up and tip my article.





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Lead image: Pixabay (modified) 

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