NANO, a Serious Case of Future Cash

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 20 Feb 2021

Have you ever made a transfer of NANO in your life? If your answer is no you should give it a try and i'm going to tell you why.

NANO is DAG coin, this means that every transfer between wallets is without a fee. So you have 1 NANO in your Exodus Wallet and want to send that NANO to your Atomic Wallet, you will receive 1 NANO in your Atomic Wallet. If you have your notification on you will witness something incredible, the 1 NANO that you sent and received took less than a second to be transfered.

What does this means?

NANO is the best Digital Cash you will ever see, you will be addicted to send NANO between your wallets, it is so smooth, so fast, feeless.

Shouldn't this be in the top 10 coins if it is so great?

Yes it should and this is why i'm making this article to bring to your attention this amazing project that you can buy in still very early.

NANO even has its own meme coin brother called Banano, yes Banano, they like much potassium and are funny aswell, they even have their own NFTs made by CryptoMonkeys. Banano works exactly the same way as NANO, you can look at it like a feeless DOGE. People like to tip Banano in discord, reddit and telegram, you can even be paid Banano to help medical research at folding@home.

Be sure to know this project and maybe hold some coins it can be the future of cash, hathor network is coming with smart-contracts with the ideas behind NANO and this can be a big blast, maybe everyone is blind right now but if you are reading this you bave been warned.

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