IOHK Partners With Ethiopian Government

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 29 Apr 2021


Great news from IOHK, a major partner of Cardano (ADA), makes a partnership with Ethiopian Ministry of Educations.

What this means?

ADA will be used to revamp the educational system of Ethiopia. This is a great partnership for IOHK, making a cryptocurrency a major asset in the growth of a under developed country. Like Charles from ADA developement team always said, Cardano will be a major participant in Africa's government system, they want to make African countries better with ADA.

What does this mean for ADA itself?

Means major exposure in the world, probably a higher volume in transactions, leading to an increase in Market Capitalization which leads to an increase in price. This all sounds good for Cardano and they are making what they promised.

Joining this to smart-contracts becoming a real thing in June or July the case becomes very bullish for Cardano.

I think Cardano still is a good investment and can bring great returns in the short time, we will see.

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