GameFi: Update On CryptoRoyale On Harmony Blockchain

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 23 Oct 2021


Since my last post about CryptoRoyale things have evolved a lot and the game is getting a lot of traffic.

What got better?

The thing that we need to highlight is the price of the in game token ROY, right now the price is about 0.0276$ per token. The price moved a lot. We were talking at sub 1 cent per token and now it's almost 3 cents and had an All Time High of 3 cents. With a max supply of 400 million tokens the price can increase a lot more.

This increase in price made the reward for a ranked win to go a little lower but you still get a minimum of over 1 ROY per win with the potential of hitting a jackpot and earn over 100 tokens. Each game has less than a minute in duration, so you can get some profit by playing it for some time.

What was announced?

The in game NFTs were announced and will be released very soon, this will enable you to customize your in game experience with some skins. The game got some funding from Harmony to be developed to. The potential is all there and the updates are coming fast and in a good way.

In my opinion this is a simple and addictive game, you can get a good time playing it while you earn some ROY. I'm very bullish on ROY as the community grows very quickly and everyone is having a great time playing it. A good remimder is that it's a Play to Earn game but you don't have to invest anything to play it, so it's all profit and fun.

You can play it at

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