Cardano: Revuto, First Token With Visibility

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 25 May 2021


Cardano smart-contracts platform will launch this summer and we are getting to know some tokens that will apear after that. The first with high visibility is Revuto.

What's Revuto?

Revuto is a subscription manager, you can manage your subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc.. from this Dapp, all validated by Cardano's blockchain.

The website has a really appealing design and has its roadmap well defined. Revuto token will be included in DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and aswell CEX. The full program is schedule to launch in Q4 2021, but the app will be available at the same time as Cardano's smart-contracts.

I think this is a good oportunity to get some Revuto tokens and they are Airdropping 10 tokens by registing in their platform. It's easy to register you only need your e-mail and the tokens will be on your website account.

If you want to claim the Airdrop you can help me and register by the link bellow.

Hope you like this program.

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