BCH hits 1k: The Fud wasn't real

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 16 Apr 2021


BCH just hit 1000$, this contradicts what many people had to say about it, that it was dead, that it was a shitcoin. BCH just proved that it is here to stay and has some really good projects behind like read.cash and noise.cash.

People need to stay calm and support first the cryptocurrencies market and then their favourite projects. Crypto still has a long way to go before real adoption, look at DOGE it's only hype, I like Dogecoin but it's clearly overvalued, if it's not, there are crypto projects that will it Andromeda soon.

Back to BCH, it's growing steady and after that hard fork with BCHABC it proved to be a better coin.

Hope that the project keeps growing and that more projects like read.cash and noise.cash keep apearing, they are welcomed in cyber space.

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Public Thoughts

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