How To Stay Healthy as a Crypto Addict (Ergonomics for the Computer Life)
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How To Stay Healthy as a Crypto Addict (Ergonomics for the Computer Life)

By walkonwayvs | Other Random Shit | 19 May 2020

What up crypto fam. I don't like to fuck around so I'll try to keep the article straight to the point with as little nonsense as possible. If you don't have the time or bother to read the whole article here it is summarized: the 20-20-20 rule for eyesight at a minimum, use a blue-light blocking filter, get a laptop radiation protector, change positions frequently (no, that is not what she said), stretch often, strengthen your wrists, use a foot roller, and take some time away from screens every now and then. All links will be included at the bottom of the article.

South Park on Crypto



Sitting down all day is terrible. As relatively hairless talking monkeys, we were not built to sit on our asses all day. We were also not built to be constantly looking at an object within two feet of our eyes either. Also EMF sucks too but literally that shit is everywhere so there is no 100% way of avoiding that one. And this article was originally written in early 2020 before all the corona beers started taking over.

I will list a set of techniques that I highly recommend to every person on this site. I recommend it for everybody in the modern world to be honest, but considering I was Gandhi in a previous life means that in this life, I don't got to do shit for nobody. This article is just bonus points for me.


The 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule is recommended for most people who work in an office setting or look at a computer screen all day.

Every 20 minutes focus on something that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Boom. It's that easy.

I have used the FlowTime chrome extension (works with Brave Browser) to notify me every 20 minutes to take a break and do this. 

Blue Light Filters

Protect your eyes.

Of all the colours in the rainbow blue is the worst for our eyes. Long story short, you need to have some sort of app/filter that allows you to control the amount of blue light being emitted from your screens.

I use Iris on my cellphone and laptop but have also used things like f.lux which is another very good option.

If you want to be super hardcore you can use blue-light blocking glasses, and they even have these blue light blocking screen sticker things.

I have been using a pair of Gunnar computer glasses for almost 3 years now and I recommend them to everybody. The science isn't really there for blue-light blocking glasses, but at the first desk job I ever had I worked there 5 days in a row my first week and I got a massive headache each and every day because the brightness of the computer and those shitty overhead office lights. The next week I used the glasses, and no more headaches. Gone. AND I was using the flux bluelight filter on that work computer as well. So I hiiiighly recommend glasses.

I also use one of those screen sticker things and I've had it for over 2 years now. Essentially it's just a light orange-ish tinted sticker that goes over your screen to block a little bit of blue light. Not necessary but when bitcoin hits $100K you may as well get one just because.


SpongeBob knows what's up.

Electronics emit radiation. I haven't dived/dove/doven too far off the deep end with this one but you certainly can if you want. I'll send you over to an article by my boy Ben Greenfield as a jumping off point.

The only product that I actively use is called a DefenderPad. This thing is always underneath my laptop no matter where I am. It makes a pretty big difference for those who like to rest their laptops on their laps like total fucking stone-age animals.

DefenderShield has all sorts of random shit that you can look into but I personally do not have any experience with anything other than the pad included in the link above.

If you have a wifi router you can also get various things to help mitigate the radiation being emitted from that as well. I also use one.

Sitting All Day

Don't do this.

Fucking hell sitting is just straight-up terrible. Apparently it's the new smoking but to all you teenagers out there, sitting is not nearly as cool as smoking.

Trying to force yourself to sit in 'the correct position' for extended periods of time is just not going to work for most people and might actually feel more painful and uncomfortable than sitting in a slouched  or hunched over position. This is because most people who have been sitting for ages have poor body mechanics as a result of that sedentary lifestyle.

So instead of trying to force yourself into what you think is a better postural position just be sure to get up and move around frequently. If your body feels uncomfortable or painful when put into the 'correct' position then most likely you feel that way because of tight and/or weak muscles. Therefore you must train these weaknesses over time. Which will be covered in the next section.

The best way I have found is to just stand up and do a little exercise AT LEAST once every 30 minutes while you're at your desk. With the 20-20-20 rule mentioned above, I would use that time to also stand up and do a little stretch.

I also recommend doing the pomodoro technique and using your break times to stretch the body out while also looking at objects that are far away. I am all about killing two birds with one stone. That link is for the people who like to laugh.


The serious photo.

If you have ever searched the internet to try to learn the best way to stretch, search no fucking further. These are the only 2 resources you need for now.

The Foundation is the stretch you should be doing.

This is a 4 minute routine that you should do at least once a day. If you want to be on that next level shit, do it during every 5 minute pomodoro break. If there is ONE THING that you take away from this article, my dear reader, let it be this.

After you watch these videos, actually get up and do the stretches. Do not watch any more videos relating to this topic. There is no need. Just do the things and build it as your... foundation. Damn I didn't even plan that one.

Idle Hands


In order to prevent wrist pain and things like tennis elbow you need to strengthen your forearms, wrists, and fingers.

"The forearm and fingers contain two types of major muscle groups: flexors on the palm side, and extensors on the back side."

This type of grip strengthener targets your flexor muscles and can easily be used while watching videos. And this little rubber band exercise helps the extensors. Just scroll down to the rubber band exercise. Go get one of those thick rubber bands from a bunch of broccoli or something and there you are. Plus vegetables amiright?

Foot Rolling

Roll yo feet!

You gotta take care of your feet. They are the root structure of your entire body.

When you're sitting down all day you can easily be using a foot roller to help ease your tense little foot muscles.

This is the exact roller that I use on a daily basis. I have had this thing for years and it's amazing. You can go over it quickly to increase circulation, or you can go over it slowly and focus on really tight areas and try to break up the fascia that holds all the muscles together. I recommend doing one and then the other in that order.



The last point I will make is that you should try and take some time off every week where you do not look at screens whatsoever. I think it's a good idea to take a step back at least once a week so you can pay attention to some of the other things life has to offer. Like smelling the roses or doing drugs with your kids' babysitter for example.

The way our modern society is set up and the damaging effects of such frequent use of technology can be very detrimental to the human body and our mental health. And this will only continue to get worse unless YOU do something about it. Be the change you want to see in the world. Boom. Remember that Ghandi reference I made at the beginning? Damn I'm good.

I've been wanting to start a movement called #ScreenFreeSundays because unless it's on social media it doesn't count, right? Sunday is honestly the only day of the week that I feel like I can relax. Everything on the internet is so fast-paced and our brains and bodies are not meant to be in that mode at all times.

So take some time away from sitting down at your computer all day, or just simply don't turn your phone on for a few hours every now and then. You might be surprised at how freeing it can feel - if only you can let yourself feel that free. And then once you return to the glorious reality of checking the price of bitcoin every 20-30 minutes, you will feel much more refreshed and focused; ready to take on the world like this fucking guy. What a legend.

Get this man a Nobel prize.






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