Why BAT is the most promising cryptocurrency of this new decade.
Why BAT is the most promising cryptocurrency of this new decade.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 9 Feb 2020

I've been looking at BAT for a while now, and I have noticed some of it's features that make it possibly one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in this new decade. Here are my reasons why:

1. It is closely correlated to Bitcoin

Correlation in financial markets is simply when a minor currency or commodity follows the trends of the major market leader. 

For example, BTC and ETH are the closest correlated cryptocurrencies today. You could literally be watching the BTC chart and predict the exact price of ETH at that point in time.

And this feature is what makes BAT a very good option. It's price is closely correlated to BTC price. BTC is about to undergo it's quadrennial halving, and this usually leads to a spike in price. BAT is already doing really well, and that spike in BTC price might be just wait it needs to recover to $1 in price.

2. It fixes a widely broad problem

There is a problem where advertisers like Google and Facebook monopolise the advertising space. This problem leads to advertiser's putting tracking scripts and other things into their ads that slow down our phones and laptops.

There is also the problem of seeing ads you don't care about. Say you're a tech nerd and you see an ad for baby diapers. It's highly unlikely that you would click on the ad, and this makes the advertiser lose money.

But with Brave and their extremely complex algorithm, they can "study" user behaviour to see exactly what you like and what you don't care for. Then this behaviour is given to advertisers who proceed to create ads based on this data. These ads are then sent to the people who would care about them, saving the advertiser money and also not wasting the users time. These ads are also unobtrusive, so they don't affect your content.

3. Exponential growth in number of monthly active users

A few months after Brave first came out, it recorded 1 million active monthly users on its platform. Just a few months later, we are at 10 million users on mobile, and 2 million users on desktop.

This exponential growth will be one of the reasons BAT probably goes parabolic in 2020. The influx of new users this year will increase demand for BAT, thereby increasing the price of BAT in the process. It's a win win for everyone.

4.  An increasing number of publishers use the rewards program now

Brave has a rewards program, where users can tip content creators in BAT tokens to show appreciation of their posts. 

The number of publishers using Brave rewards at the moment is upward of 300000, including myself!

This number means that more and more people are getting wind of BAT and what it does, and they are now accepting it. 

You can track the growth stats of the regards program here.

5. You can get it for free

This will possibly be one of the driving factors for BAT's parabolic move this decade. 

The fact that you can get BAT for free will increase attention of users and bring an influx of new users. Everyone likes free stuff.

Mass adoption will then be reached because of this reason, and this will aid that parabolic rise I keep mentioning.

What are your thoughts? 


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