What to do with Publish0x Loopring

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 14 Aug 2020

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Now let's get started!

Loopring is what I like to call an "exotic" token. It's not seen on "high on shitcoin" exchanges like Kucoin and Hoo. It is rather rare on instant exchanges, and at first glance, it looks completely useless.

But that's because it's misunderstood. Yeah, that's the word. Loopring is misunderstood.

Because even though it doesn't look very useful at first glance, there are a lot of ways to use it to make you more money.

Full disclaimer: You'll need to have at least 50LRC to do any of these things in this post, so start saving if you don't have that amount!


1. You could save it

I'm one of those believers in Loopring, and I know that my belief would be rewarded.

Looping is going to be a big deal eventually, and when it does, I'd want to have as much of it stavked away as possible.

I don't really spend the one I get from Publish0x.(because of how little it is). However, since it was introduced, I've been able to accumulate over $100 of it in savings, which is quite enough to be happy about if there's a bull run and the thing 10xs.

You could literally just create a trust wallet and save it. Studies have even shown that holders outperform traders by a pretty wide margin, and my tests have shown that that is accurate as well.


2. Convert to any Binance savings enabled currency and save with profits

This is for if you want to get profits on your savings. You could use ChangeNOW to convert your LRC to literally any currency that Binance offers in its savings package, and you could save with them there. It's very simple and easy.

This way, you're not just saving without earning interest. In fact, the interest you're paid could very well cover for big market crashes over time and ensure you have your money intact.


3. Spend it

You could also convert to any currency you want with ChangeNOW and spend it on yourself. You deserve it for working so hard!

Now the money might not be much(which is why I suggested a 50LRC minimum threshold to use these methods), but at least it's something.

You could add it to your Swipe wallet so it gets interest, or you can use your Swipe card to pay for services and goods.


Those are the ways I use my LRC! How do you use yours? Let me know down below.

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