Should you buy now (and what should you buy)?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 25 May 2022

Many people (myself included lol) have bear market PTSD. You know that feeling. You buy the dip, but it keeps dipping. And you seem to miss that "obvious" v-reversal EVERY TIME. It sucks. Real bad.

So we started Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCAing), where we buy the token in small bits over a longer period of time instead of going all-in at once. This leaves us with an "average" price, from which we can then expect the pump.

In my (humble, unprofessional) opinion, DCAing is not very effective in delivering decent profits. A coin may pump 200%, but because you DCA'd, your profit may only be 70%. A decent profit, sure, but it's not 200%.

As a greedy crypto bro myself, I want to squeeze as much profit as I can from every trade. This means I must buy close to the bottom and sell close to the top.

We all know this is damn near impossible, but I have had the luxury of doing something similar to that once in my life, and I plan on doing it again in this bear market. Here's how.

1. Watch BTC: BTC is the big daddy of this market. Wherever BTC moves, the entire market moves. Usually, altcoins drop exponentially in relation to Bitcoin. So watch BTC. Once BTC starts looking like it's reversing, and you have high conviction, you can then start DCAing into your favourite alts.


2. Pick alts that WILL boom: I say "your favourite alts", because that's what most people WANT to buy. (It's like preferring to buy stocks of a company you love, instead of buying stocks you know would pump) if you've been eyeing a coin for a while and it's at a low, and you really love it, then, by all means, buy it! But if you REALLY want to make actual profits, buy what was trending before the market crash.

But ser, how do I pick alts that WILL boom?


Wouldn't you buy something like this? (P.S: The potential gain to the last high is 200%. It's a mid-cap with active developments! Can you guess its name?


See, that's the hard part. Nobody knows what exact alts would boom on reversals. But spreading your net wide would really help. Pick from a basket of coins that have great tokenomics and are OBVIOUSLY way cheaper than they should be. 

Note that this requires a TON of research and scrutiny, and you can still pick the wrong basket of coins and be left holding 20% runners when the market is doing a full 500%+ moon. You have to be really careful in this stage, as this is where you can REALLY get effed up.


What I would do

I am by no means a professional at anything (sadly😫), but I have had a bunch of PUBLIC success picking coins at the bottom (you're free to scour my Publish0x blogs, where I posted my picks openly! Check between the 2019 and 2020 range since I took a year-long hiatus In 2021). So, I can say i have an idea of what I'm doing.

I have personally begun my research, and I have made some buys yesterday and today. I will continue to average into these buys until BTC starts its real rally. 

For my research, I have looked through about 50 coins so far with a high level of scrutiny, and chosen only 4 from that initial round of research. I hope to complete 200 coins and be left with 10 holdings before the market reverses.

My scrutiny involves technical and fundamental analysis over a long term period, including how much the team is working, how well they are funded, top holders holding, technical outlook over a year's time, etc. I take all these into consideration and then proceed to take my picks.

I have high hopes for my picks since my method has (publicly) done well historically. if you want in on the action, DM me on Telegram here and we can get talking :)

If you don't however, feel free to take your own picks! For the culture, I'd list the prices of the coins I bought below, as well as the length of their tickers, so you can scour for them yourself. Once they pump >100%, I'd reveal their actual names if you're still interested!


$XXXX @ $0.88

$XXXXXX @ $1.20

$XXXX @ $0.19

$XXX @ $0.29

Feel free to research these past prices! Their sectors are DeFi, GameFi and privacy.

If anyone can guess 2 out of the 4 in the comments, I'd reveal them publicly!

As always, thank you for reading, and I'd see you in the next one!




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