Is it alt season already? Let's look at BAT, LRC and some other coins.

Is it alt season already? Let's look at BAT, LRC and some other coins.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 18 Jul 2020

Hello and welcome to another article. Before we get started, I'd like you to know that I have a complete and very detailed technical analysis course which I recently completed, as well as a telegram group where I share very accurate calls and give accurate signals on which cryptocurrencies to trade. Consider doing the telegram here.

Mama, is it alt season already?

Coins are pumping left and right. The DeFi craze is real. So real that many coins have rebranded to be called "DeFi" just so they can get some attention, and believe it or not, they too have started pumping. Everything you touch pumps. It gives that feeling of alt season again.

Well, I'm sorry to pop your bubble, but it isn't a definite alt season. At least not yet. Let me explain.

See, BTC dominates the market. Everyone is scared of BTC movements, because they have the tendency of screwing up perfect alts. However, BTC has been very lethargic as of late.

This in itself makes it very boring to trade. Therefore, all the money that is supposed to be used to trade BTC flows into: You guessed it, alts. So you don't even really need to pick the right alts, as long as you know it's DeFi or something like that.

So why didn't I call it "alt season"? Well, because it isn't. I've learnt overtime to be able to look at the underlying factors that constitute market movements, and it has helped me immensely in my trading career.

This isn't alt season. This is simply an "alt decoupling". Yes, as BTC dominance gets destroyed, alts are beginning to spring forth from the ashes, and pump like they're supposed to - without Bitcoin ruining the party.

But this is only the beginning. Because these alts are only just pumping to their previous mean points. That's right, the real pumps haven't even begun.

Once Bitcoin dominance falls off a cliff (as should be expected in the coming weeks), some alts would 10 and 20x their value, and Bitcoin would be left in the dust in terms of gains. It'd still be the king currency - just that no one would respect the king anymore.

So what alts should you be looking at?

This brings me to stage two.

I can proudly say I called the LRC pump MONTHS in advance. Read any of my posts from May and upwards. I was calling for a pump because when LRC crashed in March, it was one of the quickest to recover.

That said, I don't feel it's totally done yet. LRC still has a long way to go in terms of pumps. I feel that this is only the beginning. So LRC is definitely on my radar for pumpy coins come December. Add to that the fact that you can stake it (staking makes everything better), and you have the recipe for at least a 2x run. Don't sleep on this one guys, because it won't give any safe entry opportunities once it's started.


My second pick is BAT. I know I've been shilling this one for months now, and nothing has happened, but hear me out. BAT pumping usually signals the end of alt season. I don't know why, but I've done my studies, and it is true. Whenever BAT pumps a bit, altseason indefinitely ends.

That said, I have been accumulating BAT since March, and I dont plan on stopping till I start seeing signs of a pump. I have been able to get a very decent size which I am happy with, and it keeps increasing everyday because I save it on Binance savings.

BAT would pull a big surprise on us in the nearer future. I'm sure of that.

My last pick is BNB. And seriously, everyone should have at least some BNB. They just completed a massive $60 million burn, which should heat things up in the price department.(pun entirely intended)

BNB is the fuel on which the biggest exchange in crypto runs, and to get access to that fuel is only $16. I feel that BNB would be worth much more than this in a few weeks. Don't sleep on this as well.

There are many other coins I feel will pump.  I will leave them in my telegram group, so please consider joining to see the list. It's free!

Thanks for reading.


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