How to live off your BAT.

How to live off your BAT.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 8 May 2020

I published a post about how I lived off my BAT earnings from my personal blog, Publish0x and brave rewards for about a month.(it was 28 days actually)

Well, I realised that many people don't have personal websites and an audience that brings them money consistently. And I'm sorry for not realising this earlier.

In this post, I'll show you how to live off your BAT earnings. You won't be able to replace your income source if you don't have a website of some sorts, but you could augment your earnings.

You'll need the following for this to work:

  • A wallet: I suggest you use the Atomic wallet. They're giving away free AWT tokens for every sign up. You get 10 tokens free for your sign up, and 5 extra tokens if you use the link above.  Go wild!
  • Publish0x: Duh!
  • Brave browser: To earn extra rewards
  • Coinbase: To out everything together and get your money out to your bank account
  • Or you'll use Bitrefill to spend the BAT directly on services that allow it.
  • A Binance account where you can lend out your BAT and receive 1% returns in 7 days.

I assume you've got all this. Now let's get started.

It's almost Monday, and that means that you'll get paid from Publish0x. While we get more DAI and LRC than BAT nowadays, it's really simple to convert both to BAT. Just use the converter in the Atomic wallet to convert both to BAT.

Also, you can cash out your BAT earnings from your Brave browser. Make sure you're sending all these balances to one wallet to reduce fees eventually.

Once you've gotten all your BAT in one place, send it all over to Binance, where you'll lend it out. If you're patient, you could wait for 30 days and receive an even higher APR. 

Now how to live on the BAT.

Send all your BAT back to the wallet you were saving it in. Then send it to Coinbase and cash it out, or use Bitrefill to spend it on food and internet on supported services.

As I said, you won't replace your primary income source unless you have a site. But using these methods, with the ways to increase your BAT in between would add a bunch of money to your income.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to claim your AWT by downloading the Atomic wallet with the link above!


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