Even more exciting being added to Brave!

Even more exciting being added to Brave!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 25 Mar 2020

I was just done with my 2 hour morning trading session when I came across a tweet from Binance CEO, Chaopeng Zhao.

That tweet had an embedded link to an article from Cointelegraph.com, which had a lot of interesting Easter eggs in it.

I will be discussing those upcoming features here, so stay tuned guys!

Ok. The first one that really caught my eye was "Brave VPN". That would be a fully decentralised VPN service that would be integrated into the Brave browser. It would be able to be turned on by the click of a toggle, and would completely change the location of the user, just like any other VPN service out there.

The best part is that your data won't be stolen by attackers or the like since it is fully protected by the blockchain, which is nearly impossible (or would require a shit ton of computer power) to hack.

It seems like a great idea, given how important VPNs are in this world where everyone wants as much of your data as they can, to either sell it or benefit from it.

We don't know the full deets about the VPN, or whether it would even be a reality, but the CEO of Brave did say that it was "in the works", so let's see how that turns out.



In the article, it was mentioned that Brendan Eich proposed the idea of an operating system for phones. Now, I highly doubt that this would happen at all, as it does seem unlikely, but it was mentioned by Brendan Eich, so there is an inseey winsey chance that it might come to fruition later in the future. Definitely not this year though.



Another creation postulated by Brendan Eich in the article was a messaging service baked into the browser. And of course, it would be decentralised, because why not?

There are already decentralised messaging services(hello Keybase, thank you Stellar Space drop!), but one that will be baked right into the already awesome Brave browser would be dope!

It was also hinted that the messenger would carry the ability to send BAT between users and that would be awesome as well. Hopefully, there'd only be gas fees involved.

The end to end chats would be encrypted by hashing algorithms, and the chats would be backed up periodically by smart contracts. All this seems amazing, and I really can't wait.

Well, that's it for the features of the Brave browser we might be seeing later in the future! What do you think of these features? What do you think should be added?

Let me know down below, and thank you for 993 followers!


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