Busy? Here are 5 ways to increase your BAT, BNB and BTC for free!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 10 Jul 2020

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Hello and welcome to another article.

In this article, I'll be going over the 5 ways I found to increase your BAT, BNB and BTC holdings, especially of you're a really busy person.

Maybe you're an investor, and not a trader, and you'd love to just buy and hold a cryptocurrency. Or you're a part time trader, but still have holdings of BTC or another cryptocurrency.

Regardless, I have ways for you to increase your stash! Read on to find out how.

I'll divide the post into some sections. The section will be titled with the coin, and beneath the name of the coin will be all the ways you can increase it.

Mind you, all these methods are 100% risk free, which means you either get your principal + profit, or you get your principal and no profits. There is no avenue to lose your principal.



Ways to increase your BTC:

  • Binance savings: I really love this one. I just received my return on investment from my savings account on Binance. I saved 1BTC, and chose to use the "locked" option, which gave me a whopping 1% a day return. So at the end of 7 days, I had 7% extra BTC. Which isn't very much, but is better than nothing.
  • Convert to ETH and save on Compound: This is a good strategy as well. Simply use a service like Changelly to convert your BTC to ETH, and save it ok Compound. You'd get some sweet returns.



  • Compound: This was the best way to save BAT for me. When I first started saving BAT with Compound, I was making 7% APR. Some time last month, I was earning a whopping 23% APR, until Compound started dumping the APR rate for BAT. I really enjoyed that period, because I was simply sending my Publish0x BAT to Compound, not paying any fees and watching it grow very fast. You can still use this method today.
  • Binance savings: This one is also good for BAT. There are various options to use, such as the flexible and fixed deposits, so you can withdraw if you wish. It pays a little lower than Compound, but you can set it to save the same amount of BAT automatically every time, so that's a good touch.
  • Celsius: You can also put your BAT in a "crypto bank" of some sorts. Celsius pays you interest on your saved cryptocurrency ,and it does pay some nice interests as well. Here's a photo of my holdings.


This is a great method to save BAT and earn interest on it as long as you keep it there.



  • Binance savings: We all know the drill by now. Deposit, to to savings, and save it!


Those are the ways I found out to increase your stash without trying! I hope you enjoyed the post.

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