Brave Vs Chrome: Why I'll still use Brave despite it's drawbacks

Brave Vs Chrome: Why I'll still use Brave despite it's drawbacks

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 23 Jan 2020

Everyone knows that Brave is very similar to Chrome. 

In fact, Brave is built upon the Chromium platform, making it easier for those coming from. Chrome to transition.

And while there are many similarities between the two browsers in terms of looks, the similarities end there.

The differences between both platforms are so vast at the core of what they both try to do that the looks part of everything is just erased away.

So what are these differences that make me still use Brave, despite the fact that it still has drawbacks?

And what are these drawbacks that Brave needs to iron out to improve the smoothness?

Let's find out!

1. Brave is built around privacy

As we all know, Google loves getting its hands on our data. It helps them serve us more personalised experiences, but really that's just a side effect of the money it makes Google. Google makes a majority of its revenue from ads. Personalised ads.

Funny enough, that's now how you make money on Brave, but that's another point in itself.

Brave doesn't collect your data, so obviously your experience isn't personalised. But the ads you see are.

You see, Brave uses some special machine learning tech whose explanation is light years beyond the scope of this post. But in summary, it's a great technology that learns your patterns, and matches you with corresponding ads that would grab your ATTENTION.  That's the attention part if the name.

2. It pays you to search the web

It seems fun to watch YouTube and try to fish out the content from the ads on TheVerge, but won't it Ben ice if you could get paid for your time? Google makes money from serving you personalised ads that they hope you click on. Clicking on them makes Google a lot of money. I'm talking millions of dollars every day.

And we can't say that we won't click on what we find interesting, simply because it'll make Google money. So we go ahead and click.

But the problem is that, on places like YouTube, the personalisation of the ads goes out the window. You'll see ads related to fitness when you've never visited a fitness site, and other weird stuff like that.

Brave filters off all the fluff from the sites you visit to yield a very clean experience, an days you for clicking on some highly targeted ads. What's more to ask for?

Now on to the drawbacks.

There is only 1 major drawback of Brave as a whole. And that is the fact that KYC is requir d to withdraw anything.

Brave has partnered with Uphold to make withdrawals simple stupid, but Uphold requires KYC to function at all. Many don't like this.

This, to me is the greatest drawback of the Brave browser.

What are your thoughts? Tell me down below!



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