BNB, LRC and BAT: Which should have the majority of your portfolio?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 10 Aug 2020

Hello, and welcome to another article.

In this article, I'll be comparing LRC, BAT and BNB to each other to see which one has a higher probability of running in this mini alt season thing we have going on.

So let's get started.

BAT: What does it have going for it?

  • Great price structure: Beautiful price action on its daily chart, with clean price action and easily clear levels. I'm a technical trader by profession, so I love seeing these kinds of things (forgive me if you're not a technical trader and don't understand these concepts). Price structure on the D1 is clean, with clean liquidation wicks and no really obvious manipulations. 
  • Good fundamentals: The Brave team is working day and night to push out updates to the browser. They literally work day and night, because there are nightly updates to the browser.
  • Unique use cases: The Brave browser has a unique use case that no other crypto project solves. This should eventually pump price.(I sound like a broken record at this point)

What does BNB have going for it?

  • IEOs: New IEOs are coming people. IEOs always pump the exchange currency. Unfailingly always.
  • DeFi: BNB would soon be switching to DeFi. We all know what has gone on with DeFi coins.
  • Big exchange behind it: The exchnage behind BNB is a big deal exchange. One of the biggest, if not the biggest in the world. This should pump the price very soon.

What does LRC have going for it?

  • Best DEX: LRC powers the best DEX out there.(to me) No liquidity issues, and hardly any technical issues. It's the best combo for any exchange, and the token always pays.
  • A crazy detailed fractal: In my article on LRC Vs BAND, I outlined why I feel that LRC would pump at least 700% by the end of the year. Check out my post on that to find out why.
  • Easy price action: The price action is rather clean, almost as clean as BAT. If you use market structure to trade,LRC would be a gem for you.

So which one is best?

To me, I'd bet on BNB, but it's too late to buy now. So I'd either go with BAT or LRC, any of them can pump now.

Which one is best for you? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading.

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