BAT might moon this alt season.

BAT might moon this alt season.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 14 May 2020

Alt season is almost upon us. And I've been calling it since the March crash.

I have my eye on a few cryptocurrencies which I strongly believe would hit new ATHs. Three of the most interesting ones are MANA, DAG and BAT.

In this post, I'll focus on BAT.

BAT started off the year pretty strongly, with 1BAT costing about 0.2 dollars. Then March came, along with it's affinity for destroying markets, and , well frankly destroyed markets, BAT's included.

But about a month later, BAT was trading at full price again. Which is what caught my attention.

I was able to pick up BAT at the low price of 0.075! That was the highlight of my March.

Unfortunately, the $4000 I allocated to picking up fallen cryptocurrencies was exhausted rather quickly. I used about 35% on BTC, because I'd never get that opportunity again, 10% on ETH, 5% on LTC, 2% on XRP and the remaining on other alts. BAT got about $100 at the end.

By April, I decided to pop into Binance to check up on my alt bags, and I saw that my $100 was now $203. That was the highlight of my month. I doubled my money without trying.

And now, I believe that BAT is about to do that again. Here's why.

  • Bitcoin would soon consolidate: Bitcoin has messed up every single cryptocurrency. But that means that they're all ripe for the picking. These are the prices you've wished for people, and now you get them. Bitcoin isn't done moving yet, and I don't advise picking alt bags now. But Bitcoin just flipped a support and is somehow trading over the 50 day MA. It might consolidate soon, and then alts would moon. Like actually reach the moon. BAT inclusive.
  • It has been resilient to Bitcoin's moves: Many alts consolidated down to their yearly opens because of BTC's up moves. Not BAT. It has found some amazing power and sits above it's yearly open, which is insane. This is some serious strength.
  • New users and new features: Finally, I feel that the amount of new users, as well as new features that will attract new users is amazing as well. The Brave browser would be getting new features, and as more people join the privacy focused movement, the price can only go up. Equally, brave has been buying back some BAT occasionally. This is good news to increase artificial scarcity and pump prices.

Thanks for reading guys!


Shitcoin flipper. Derivatives and options trader. Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and inverse swap contracts. Professional trader. Never financial advice.

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