BAT competitors: Who wants the BAT crown?

BAT competitors: Who wants the BAT crown?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 1 Oct 2020

In response to everyone's request yesterday to provide the BAT competitors I spoke about in my articles, I have decided to create this post!

Brave hasn't had many competitors in the past (if at all), but is currently faced with some form of competition.

No the competition won't pay you to use their browser. Or force you to use a centralised service to withdraw your earnings if they do pay you. But at least they offer a better experience overall, and let's face it: You probably don't make that much from Brave anyway.

I'll structure this post from worst to best, worst being the competitor has just basic privacy features, and best being a full blown brave competitor.

Let's go.

3. AdRoll

This one isn't aimed at consumers at all, but mainly at advertisers. It is possibly one of the best places for advertisers to place targeted ads as they have very good algos to target the right audience.

Couple that with the fact that they aren't that expensive, and big companies like the Verge and TechAdvisor use them. They're pretty trust worthy, and they always get your preferences right.

2. Chrome browser

The major competitor to Brave (Brave is even designed like Chrome). Many, if not all the people who use Brave now are switching from Chrome to Brave.

Chrome may not be as decentralised as Brave, but it is fast, reliable and has some great privacy features as well.

First off, you can turn off tracking for sites that try to take your location without permission, which is great. There's also incognito mode which, with a good VPN can make you invisible online. 

Chrome is really just Brave without the money earning part. 

1. Decentr

Decentr is the biggest Chrome competitor, PERIOD.

They offer all the features Brave offers, but now:

  • It's actually decentralised, because you can withdraw to any wallet you want.
  • You put the price on your data. So you take all the payments for your data being given to third parties.
  • Much better design than Brave in the browser.

I have done write-ups on DEC in the past, and will continue to do so as a go on and more updates come.

I have also talked one on one with the CEO, and there are big things coming. Things that will blow Brave out of the water for sure.

Stay tuned!

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