BAT and BTC: I told you so!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 24 Aug 2020

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, price has once again mover exactly as I predicted.

Magic? Not really. Just technical analysis and liquidity analysis, two things I teach in my telegram channel.

Shameless self promo aside, we got the exact price action we wanted on both these coins. Let's look at them, shall we?



Came directly to the liquidity pool (marked in red), and got rejected as expected. My short is currently up 15% from that level, and I believe we break down from here.

Market structure is still bullish overall, but I like playing these small moves in between the big moves. Bitcoin gave us an amazing entry here, and we capitalised on it.

What may happen next? 

If Bitcoin closed below the yellow EMA, a bearish break in structure has been established, and we would continue on downward.

However, it there is a bounce from there (kind of looking like it now though), we would have a run at the 12k highs. Either way, my short is up 15%🤓.




af86bef982269e425833754b37e610262dbd87a422c4a4c46b92de5fed6a43b3.jpeg73% up from my first analysis, 52% up from the second one and 16% up from last night's analysis. I believe you had enough time to enter this one.

A beautiful reaction from the liquidity pool (marked in red) with confluence from a bounce from the EMA resistance. This one flies far in the coming months.

That said, I have been shilling this since March. I'm up over 6000% with 10x leverage from March (I've received a ton of funding as well), and I'm not selling the position until 10000%.

That said, I did capitalise on the opportunity on my scalping account. Easy money.da2f05136b3b4cb48cd0e5ba76d685374dc380f3a96fe68f032f72a3cbc76cae.jpeg

I hope you'll take my analyses more seriously now.🌛

Thanks for reading guys!

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