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Hello welcome to my blog, Publish0x community

In the picture, it's me full of gratitude

I am very excited and full of expectations, I am Ana María Santacruz, a simple, sincere person who feels fortunate and blessed by the life I have lived and by all the experiences I have enjoyed.

I like adventure and challenges, traveling and discovering places and cultures, capturing moments and reliving them when I see a photograph, reading and learning new things, learning from others. I have two professions, the most recent being a Bachelor of Administration but my occupation for many years was to be a school librarian, I am a woman of the fourth decade just released in 40 years. I from venezuela.

I'm glad to be able to express myself through this medium, I'm new in all this, ie in the world of blogging, my first post was a few days ago on the steemit platform and there I report Publish0x, which is important to mention that I love the easy and friendly platform especially for people who start as a blogger, at the moment I consider myself a technology illiterate because there many terms that I do not know.


I want to turn this blog into a space where people who want to grow spiritually, personally and economically, who want positive changes in their lives, that we can learn and share knowledge related to prosperity by putting into practice techniques of neurolinguistic programming, autosuggestion, mental exercises, having fun and supporting each other to raise our vibration. People who care about their spiritual growth and their relationship with God.


the picture on the cover is me full of gratitude

My intention is to create and share material with quality content, where it is productive every second of your time, I will start with the publication of a weekly post while I adapt and learn from the system, my goal is to generate two weekly publications necessary time to change the dynamics proposed.

I hope you will accompany me in the adventure of growing up; thank you for reading me and if you like me or felt the worm of curiosity follow me and comment that I will respond.

Until the next post. God bless you always.



If you want you can find me on these networks.

Instagram: @mariadelasantacruz

Steemit: @Soyunasantacruz

the picture on the cover is me full of gratitude

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Blogger beginner, Lic in Administration, Lover of travel and photography. Publications on Spirituality, Prosperity, Recreation, and tourism. Single with the desire to start a family, learning from a new world about blockchain. welcome

Prosperity and Abundance
Prosperity and Abundance

Periodic publications of neurolinguistic programming techniques and strategies to attract abundance and prosperity.

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