Day 1 Ismael Cala challenges your mind

If you want to know what this 4 day challenge is about, I made a publication with the details and here you have the link.

The first topic is about habits, allies or enemies?

It all depends on the type of habit and it is recommended to observe which of our habits are limiting in our personal development and which you should change.

Leaders must have good habits, especially habits that make them come out of comfort.

Questions to develop on the first day.

As I said in the previous post that I would carry out the challenge and publish my own conclusions and experiences here I leave you with the questions to be asked and my answers to them.

If you consider yourself a leader:

What do you think is your role?

What or who do you inspiren? 

My answers

In stages of my life I became a leader, when I was a school teacher and in charge of 30 to 49 children I was definitely a leader.

Right now, I am leading a person in the hive who may be their leader but I don't know if I will ever inspire them.

If you don't consider yourself a leader...

What do you think is the role of a leader and why have you refused to develop it in your life?

Who do you follow and why?

My answers

The role is to guide, inspire and motivate the one who follows you.

I think I have refused to be a leader because I myself do not have a person to follow.

Finally, it is recommended to clarify your mind, before taking a goal ask yourself why, then follow up your answer with another why, and then a third like that until you get three reasons.

Every person who wishes to grow must have a purpose in life (ikigai) reason to be, reason to exist, reason to live.

Let's have fun and move towards success.

I wish that your thoughts of prosperity will multiply and come true. Remember that everything is possible. God bless you.

PS: I will not receive any benefit from the publicity of it, I am a friend of Ismael Cala but he does not know

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