Challenge Train your Day 2/4 mind 🧠

Continuing with the challenge train your mind of Ismael Cala, today on the second day we will study our habits.

If you want to know what this 4 day challenge is about, I made a publication with the details and here you have the link.

All of us have bad habits that we unconsciously realize and don't know about.

It is those bad habits that we execute unconsciously and we don't even realize it.

Actions that harm us in the short or long term and if we do not observe those habits in time we will not be able to improve.

But how does a habit form?

Our mind likes routine, it works through repetitive patterns that we put into practice to facilitate the execution of tasks.

That is, what you always do becomes a habit when you no longer think to execute that task, you do it automatically and unconsciously.

But for it to form there is a mental and physical process. You need a trigger or reminder and once you perform that action the brain rewards you with "Dopamine" (the happiness hormone)

And if your mind feels happy, it will have adopted that new habit, whether it's good or bad.

We are what we do every day. So excellence is not an act, but a habit



Let us think of a habit we want to change or eradicate from us.

Ask yourself:

Is it more common for you to make that habit when you're with someone specific, at a certain time of day, somewhere specific?

What is your mood before you do it?

How do you feel immediately afterwards?

This challenge that I am doing and sharing with you allows me to self-evaluate.

One of my bad habits is physical inactivity, I would like to exercise but I am one of those people who gets motivated for 3 days and then stops.

I hope this challenge will help me find an extra motivator and get out of the chair. I don't want to die trying.

Let's have fun and move towards success.

I wish that your thoughts of prosperity will multiply and come true. Remember that everything is possible. God bless you.

PS: I will not receive any benefit from the publicity of it, I am a friend of Ismael Cala but he does not know.

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