Attract wealth with gratitude part # 1

Attract wealth with gratitude part # 1




Did you know that poverty comes to people because of their lack of gratitude, many people receive blessings and do not take a second to thank the source that generates this blessing, I welcome them and today we begin a series of post focused on spirituality and prosperity.

But what is thanks? It is the act of thanking and corresponding with gratitude to a favor, of recognizing the benefit of something, thanking is of the utmost importance because it is the beginning of everything.

When you have a harmonious relationship with God, you have a deep gratitude, the soul that is always grateful lives a closer contact with God unlike the one that is not grateful, raising its vibration making more good things come and in a more fast.


But what are we going to thank? To who? How? And because?


To who? We must know that we believe or not in a superior being, in the universe or in God, there will always be AN ORIGIN for everything and that origin is where we have to focus our gratitude, the simple intention and the first thought of thanks makes us generous beings and with the constant exercise of that intention Faith is born.

What are we going to thank? Well, everything we can recognize, for them I have the # 1 strategy, every day of this week, at any time of the day they will write a list of 21 reasons or things to thank and because starting by thanking life, another day to the body, and another to the parents, so on for a week when they finish the 3 days of thanks repeat the cycle of life, the parents body until completing 7 days. This technique makes sense, I will also do it with you, with practice you will feel blessed and you will be preparing to grow in spirit and receive all the good things in life.

 How to thank? For example.

* I thank life.

  • The power to breathe.
    For my family.
    Daily food.
    Because of work.
    For the opportunities.
    By publish0x and many Ethereum hehehehe.

* I thank the body.

  • Have eyes and be able to see.
    Have Arms to be able to hug
    Have leg to walk
    Have a nose to breathe
    Have ears and be able to listen
    Have taste and be able to taste

* I thank my parents.

  • For giving me life.
    For taking care of me.
    For feeding me.
    For educating me.
    For supporting me.
    For your love.

It does not matter if the first days can not complete the 21 things to be grateful little by little as the days go by they will observe that they will remember more, they can repeat if they like the ones I have mentioned in the example, the more they repeat they will become more aware and look at your memory Try to be authentic so that every thanks is genuine and comes only from you, I'm sure you will find thousands of things to be grateful for.


and why?

As I said at the beginning, being grateful will make you be in closer contact with the divinity and raise your vibration so that every request and good things reach you. I hope you will accompany me on the adventure of growing up; Thanks for reading if you liked this post you can leave a comment and if you want to suggest, recommend something I am at your disposal, remember that this is the first of a sequence publications with exercises and strategies for the benefit of all.

I appreciate the life time you have taken to read this post and I hope it helps a lot in your spiritual and personal growth. My apologies if you have grammatical flaws but I am Spanish speaking and I use the translator to do it.


 Until the next post. God bless you always.



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