God as sea-foam green waves

God as sea-foam green waves

By band | Prophet of Markets | 11 Mar 2019

God was warm.

He washed against my feet in a dream.

I was below a cliff and He soothed me.

By washing against my ankles.

Sea-foam green waves.

Gently cricling around my feet.

Warm and gentle.

Foamy green.

So that's how God felt like.

He will come to you in a way you can understand.

And you wil experience great peace and serentiy.

Knowing He watches over you all the time.

And surprises you in a way you may never expect.

That's why He especially likes children.

And those who are child-like.

They have no pre-conceptions of Him.

There is only delight in the magical encounter.

I dearly wish you would feel that tenderness, too.

That dream will stay with me forever.

Or was it a dream?

All I know is I woke up happy.


And in awe.


Who would have thought God could be that.

Warm, sea-foam green waves, gently washing against your feet.

Don't prepare.

Be surprised.




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Prophet of Markets
Prophet of Markets

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