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Metaverse! Shrinking the Shelf Life of Buzzwords

By Proof of Beans | ProofofBeans | 7 Feb 2023


Do we REALLY know what Web3 or Metaverse means anymore?

Founders and influencers need to think about the shelf life of these buzzwords. The goal is adoption, but we don't quite know what we're adopting.

Here are a few other words and phrases on their way to an early grave:

Open Source | Community-Owned | Truly Decentralized | Revolutionary | Change the way…| Build Your Own Adventure | Metaverse

Metaverse wore out it’s welcome half way through the gamefi cycle. When projects market themselves as a Metaverse, it feels like they’re lying.

Question: What would your audience miss if you cut a buzzword from your copy?

Answer: Your desperation.

If I’m an investor/user and I’m rolling my eyes at the language of your homepage, why would I ever assume it gets better under the surface?

You CANNOT lose if you hook the reader with your voice! Let them read about your higher decentralized mission later.

Buzzwords are NOT your identity.

If they are your identity, then you are EXACTLY same as every other game.

Honorable Mentions: Ultimate | The First Ever | Disruptive | Own Your Assets | Virtual | Next Generation | New Era

Assume your audience is smart - They know 99.9% of projects are NOT actually Decentralized. They just read an article.

Not one single investor is speed dialing the boss to scream: Drop what you’re doing right now because I found a TRULY decentralized metaverse. And tell the boys they’re finally going to own their own adventure! Sir, this is a revolutionary project.

Trust me, I know how a writer’s pallet of words inevitably shrinks. It’s happening right now to me.

BUT, I must repeat: Words are NOT your identity. The user experience is your identity.

Here are a couple quick ways around buzzwords (but what you really need is a writer):

  1. Cut it. This is what I do, because it’s a filler word to fill an empty void. No one misses an empty void. This does assume you have more to offer.
  2. Go back to your founding concept and use it as directly as possible. Let’s say your initial vision was: I want people to have fun flying around space in a 1984 Mutated Ford Pickup and towing double-parked alien pods. You could replace ‘Revolutionize traditional gaming’ with: ‘Drive a Mutated Ford. Tow aliens. It’s honest work.’ OR ‘Revolutionize Traditional Alien Pod Towing’
  3. Say the EXACT opposite: I like this because you can activate words with visual contrast. For instance, if your website home page is an animated vibrant swirl of neon space war, it’s fun to read: Now Hiring Pilots to Help us keep space boring!

There are many ways to break through the froth, but it takes time to find the one that dances to the same rhythm as your identity. It’s obvious when it does.

A serious investor wants to know that you can hook a casual browser to play the game RIGHT NOW, and if you’ve checked that box, they will read your whitepaper.

Be clever, remember who you are, and give us that experience.

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