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Metaverse! Shrinking the Shelf Life of Buzzwords

7 Feb 2023 2 minute read 2 comments Proof of Beans

Do we REALLY know what Web3 or Metaverse means anymore? Founders and influencers need to think about the shelf life of these buzzwords. The goal is adoption, but we don't quite know what we're adopting. Here are a few other words and phrases on thei...

Crypto FOMO Journal: Twitter Spaces + Market Whales

4 Feb 2023 4 minute read 2 comments Proof of Beans

Check your FOMO & FUD temperatures with me in real time. I’m currently writing this while I listen to a spaces about a collaboration between a DEX on Arbitrum (Camelot) and another Arbitrum project called JonesDAO. It’s not ideal to split my focus,...

Decentralized h0LLyWoOd: Story DAO & Adimverse

18 Aug 2022 6 minute read 0 comments Proof of Beans

Most of us have some vague understanding of how screenplays are put through the gauntlet of producer/distributor purgatory for months, years or forever. And if, by the grace of heaven, a screenplay makes it to the desk of someone who knows someone w...

A Layer 1 Leverage Trade (Without using leverage): Octopus Network

12 Aug 2022 9 minute read 0 comments Proof of Beans

As Jesse Livermore so eloquently put it in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator: A man may beat a stock or a group at a certain time, but no man living can beat the stock market! A man may make money out of individual deals in cotton or grain...

NOR Playfi Platform: The Freedom of Death

6 Aug 2022 4 minute read 0 comments Proof of Beans

Everyone is looking for a crypto gaming project that is fun to play before it makes every loyal user blind-stinkin’ rich for grinding. Me too. And because “everyone” is a counter-intuitive term for investors, I honed my research strategy towards som...

Run The Chain: Falling Into Storytelling Traps

2 Aug 2022 5 minute read 0 comments Proof of Beans

The crypto community railed Coinbase for episode 1 of Run The Chain. The video and reactions can be found on their tweet: People are calling it cringe and delighting in their own dunks, but the actual issue is that it’s just hard to follow. It furth...

The Shyamalan Fallacy of Promises: Defining When to Sell

31 Jul 2022 4 minute read 0 comments Proof of Beans

It would be better for my soul (and yours) to write optimistic articles about exciting projects testing the outer banks of Blockchain tech. Instead, I'm going to define the cloudy mental ruse, used by crypto/NFT projects, that keeps you and I hangin...