Hydro Development Updates 31 March 2022

By Project Hydro | ProjectHydro | 31 Mar 2022


Aloha Hydro Family, we are back again with March Development Update. We are so close to releasing all the products and services that we have planned for Q1 2022

Releasing everything at once is hard and a bad idea from Marketing perspective, so we are going to release each product one by one in the coming week. So, sit tight and get on this exciting roller-coaster ride.


Team Expansion

We onboarded a lot of new Team members this month to fast track Hydro development. We are really happy to introduce you guys to;

  • Sergey Ustyugov, is from St Petersburg, Russia and joined Project Hydro 2 Months ago. He is a React developer and have experience in various web technologies like React, Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, and many more.
  • Jwalin Adhyaru, is from Gujarat, India and joined Project Hydro on 1st of March 2022. He is a Concept Artist and creates arts like 3D assets, animations, storytelling, sound editing, and background score.
  • Naman Soni, is from Rajasthan, India and joined Project Hydro on 14th of March 2022. He is also a Concept Artist and has skills in Storyboarding, Graphic Designing, Matte Painting, and Video Editing. 


Aegir Wallet

For Android users, an updated version of Aegir Wallet will be available on the Play Store in coming days with the support of Matic (Polygon) token. We pushed the same integration on the iOS version as well and also published on the App Store, so it will be available as soon as Apple will approve it.


Polygon Deployment

Deployment of Hydro token on Polygon Network is complete. With the help of HydroBridge, our users will be able to swap Hydro tokens between supported  networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon) as well.


HydroSwap V2

Developers were working on integrating different APIs into HydroSwap, and HydroSwap V2 is almost completed and ready for release as well beside some hiccups on Sub-Graphs, as it's not syncing as it was intended. So, currently we are preparing and finishing everything to make this release smoother. It will be released and available for the public in next coming week.



HydroBridge has been completely revamped, developers have implemented a new light theme on the front-end side as well as displayed progress bar while server request is ongoing. Implemented different services and APIs for the transactions on selected blockchain for the Bridge. The new UI is more intuitive and user friendly. It allows users to have a more informed experience of swap. For the first time we have introduced a toggle to interact with test networks. This enables users to know the functionality of the bridge without actually performing swap on the main network. Also resolved some bugs that have been found during the internal testing like showing right token balance as per the selected blockchains.

We have revamped the back-end functionality, also implemented many new features like, displaying total number of Hydro tokens swapped on selected network, showing native token balance as well as fees in Hydro token while validating the transaction from one chain to another chain. The documentation regarding the APIs have been introduced for the first time in bridge. There are two categories of APIs, one for token information, and another for swap related features. Users would be able to get transaction details by transaction hash, get price of Hydro token against supported currencies, simulate swaps, get an estimate on how many tokens would be received on swap, get details of total amount of Hydro tokens swapped on testnet as well as on mainnet.

There are lots of updates implemented on HydroBridge side, so stay tuned, it will be released in coming days.



We have made quite a progress on Keresverse. We have finished the implementation of couple of new characters and some gun NFT skins. We are also adding the secondary shooting mechanism, designing Friends and Settings menu, several types of weapons and animation curves, creating or improving weapon machine systems, other aspects of character movements/states, and much more.

We're also preparing Keresverse onboarding UI designs and screen iterations. Discussed and started working on the specifications of ERC-721 & ERC-1155 for the land and on skins facets of Keres Marketplace. Also refactoring the marketplace contract as per this specification.

After careful consideration and with all the new additions and ideas being added to the Keresverse, we felt that we should update our Keresverse logo. After hours and hours of discussion and brainstorming, not to mention 100's of iterations we finalized new logo for our Keresverse. We hope you guys like it as we put a lot of effort and thoughts behind it. You guys can check out our new Keresverse logo below.


Keresverse Whitepaper is finished as well which explains the facets of Keres. It includes different stories and chapters, battle arena, mystery of the Keresian mutation & science behind it, and magic & weapons of Keres imbued within. Whitepaper will be available to read on Tuesday, so the communities can learn more about Keres world and its magic.

New game teaser is on the way, with new fonts, new logo, and original music produced by our sound Designer David. A high-res teaser of the updated gameplay is included as well. New teaser of Keres Game will be released and uploaded on our YouTube channel on Monday, so please subscribe to our Project Hydro YouTube channel if you haven’t already.


There are few more things on which team members are working on as well, like,

  • Reaching out to VCs and investors for the funding.
  • Looking for new team members.
  • Preparation for the Podcast, Live Stream, and external event as well.


You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:

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