DEC, CUB, Splinterlands, and the Future: How to make passive income with Splinterlands and Cub Defi

By m3ss | Project MMM | 23 Apr 2021

Folks, both cryptocurrency and gaming are mutating into something brand new at an incredible pace. With the recent news that you will soon be able to purchase Splinterlands assets with Cub I have decided that it is time to create a guide of sorts to demonstrate what is possible and further explain what I mean by Modular Money Machine (MMM).

In our last article, when describing a MMM we said:

"Any machine is made of a variety of parts each serving one or more specific goals which help the whole reach the desired result. When even a single part in a machine breaks down or is otherwise not present the entire machine ceases to function. Once a machine is functioning it is often possible to add additional parts to optimize, improve, or expand what is possible through the machine."

I then demonstrated a very simple example of a MMM where a users organized multiple games to fund their savings account. Today I'd love to demonstrate another important type of MMM and show how they can come to fund themselves using DeFi. This machine uses Splinterlands to generate DEC, which are then matched with BUSD, these coins are provided to Cub Defi as liquidity, this liquidity produces LP tokens which can be staked to produce CUB, and finally the CUB produced can be used to earn more CUB or reinvested back into Splinterlands to buy more cards.

It's just that simple! /s

Let's use a visual aid:

I hope this helps you visualize and understand this system and what I mean when I say MMM. This is one of my favorite MMMs due to the complete circuit that can be used to produce Splinterlands cards or CUB! The main issue thing in this system that frustrates me is the necessary inclusion of BUSD to serve as one half of the liquidity sent off to Cub Defi. While this is my largest frustrations with this system it is also it's greatest strength. Due to both DEC and BUSD being pegged or stable the risk of impermanent loss is all but eliminated. This limiting of risk is extremely powerful and worth leverage!

Due to the high rates of return possible with yield farming this system quickly becomes self funding. If one were to spend $100 on both DEC and BUSD and lock them up on Cub Defi to provide liquidity they are rewarded with almost $10 in CUB each week. This CUB can then be staked in a Den on Cub Defi to increase the rate of return (of CUB) or sent to Splinterlands to purchase more powerful cards (thus producing more DEC). Oh, or you could just sell the CUB, but where is the fun in that?

Oh, and that for extra value, make sure you never interact with the Splinterlands card market anywhere except Monster Market so you can get that extra 3% back instantly! There is a lot to keep straight here but, if you do, you might just find yourself turning your gaming habit into an investment that's paying each day. SCORE!

This ability to earn in-game assets through crypto-tokens which are essentially just the "points" of the game is a very strange and unique next step in the evolution of both gaming and cryptocurrency. Most are going to have a hard time wrapping their mind around this opportunity or second guess that any of this is even possible for long enough they will miss their window. Those of us who are interested and educated in both gaming and investing will see the opportunity here.

Next time I'm going to give a lesson in how to expand a MMM like this in a modular fashion but introducing some new parts. Thanks for your time and attention friends. Take care of yourselves and each other out there!

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Project MMM
Project MMM

What if you could spend part of your day playing video games and have that provide for yourself? What would that look and feel like? Would you need to be a professional gamer or otherwise amazing at what you play? What games could make this happen? Would this turn gaming into work and ruin it? How hard would this be to set up? Is this even possible right now? This is the start of an article series that looks to answer all these questions and more.

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