Ethicoins: new year, new goals!

By MikeZillo | Project I Support | 18 Jan 2022

Happy new year to all of you who follow us. I hope that within this year we will bring to you even more value than the past year. And we will work hard for doing such.

Together with us, the entire Ethicoins’ staff, is also eager to wish you the warmest whises for a new year full of happiness and serenity.

2022 with Ethicoins

We take this opportunity to keep you updated in “real-time” about Ethicoins operations.

The company is continuing to grind from stage the the following, and it has amazed us with the launch of a new site, available in this current year.

To change the gear, all the bureaucratic revisions have been carried out, apart from the Ethical Code, which remains in its original and definitive version.

To be ethically and legally aligned with current regulations, each user is free to subscribe directly to the official Ethicoins’ website, but before making any payments, it must be fully registered through K.Y.C. (Know Your Client), expressly reviewing and approving both the Ethical Code and the White Paper, understanding and sending the contract. Finally the purchase and any future partnership commissions can take place.

Yes….. You understood well!!!!

Soon there will be huge changes in the commercial business, with important opportunities and potential for growth and personal development.



The ECS Academy’s upgrade

Right in these days, Beta_2.0 tests were completed on the e-learning platform of the Academy.

Did you remember the Academy?

It is the part of the Ethicoins’ project that concerns trainings. The Academy will be officially founded online during this year, and the educational content presented will be translated into eight languages.

In this training school, courses about personal growth, self-defense, self-empowerment, self determination, high finance, converging cryptocurrencies with stocks and Forex and many other topics among the most disparate, will be available and accessible to anyone, thanks to the several translations that will be made.



News about Ethic Shop

On the website of Ethic shop, between March and April 830 carefully selected products will be inserted. The selection will be carried out by the Ethicoins staff and it will be dedicated to the protection of the environment and living beings, pending the launch of the Foundation.

In addition to, a treasure hunt is about to be organized to earn tokens and be able to spend them inside the ethical store, but for the moment we can not tell you more ….. All we can do as well, is waiting for the next update.




The new ECS Foundation’s Business Plan

Another wonderful project born within Ethicoins that will soon come to life and will be launched online: the Foundation.

For What???

Let’s not forget the Ethicoins’ CEO, Mauro Marasca, is a Knight of Sovereign Order of Malta, for this charity is essential focus the project, as it will be the central focus for the implementation of the charitable project: in fact, the Foundation will distribute the funds raised in the ICO totally respecting programs illustrated in the new updated version of the official Business Plan, available online in multilanguage.

It will be a monitoring body that will follow step by step all the operation of environmental protection, humanitarian works and non-profit foundations, which have been selected for some time to participate in this huge project to do good.

The Foundation will follow the projects, follow their development and their realization.

Even here, exactly as we speak, the Ethicoins’ staff is developing the latest test on the version of the platform that will be available online soon.

We could tell you a preview to our loyal readers and followers ……

Want to know the new??????

On the website of Ethic shop, between March and April will be inserted other 830 products carefully selected by the internal staff dedicated to the launch of the Foundation… from a bit time there is a interesting giveway…. With a final gift ….. really exaggerate!!!!!

One real Tesla car, Model S!!



We just need to be ready for the next update, where will receive the launch dates of all these impressive company innovations.

We promise to provide you with new developments soon as possible to give you the opportunity to actively participate in this ethical project.

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