Imitation of a voice

Violetta Sings Love Between Us - Silver (SEREBRO)

Performed by Violetta Wennman - imitation of the soloist's voice, rehearsal, international festival in Yaroslavl, 1st place in the category.

Violetta Wennman

Love between us - SEREBRO
I'm not holding on to you with my hands, like behind the clouds
I bite the sky with my lips and hug you
Everything is possible here at a height, even more
I'm setting myself on fire, oh…
Halfway losing, you wait for me, I repeat
Putting your poems on myself, I drown in them
Everything is possible here at a height, I know what carries us
I'm catching up with you, I'm catching up with you, oh…

*repetition. imitation of the soloist's voice. amateur.

About me. Violetta. Children's model (Stefan Wennman) - Sweden, Austria. Since the age of 18, the model "NUDE" is the Netherlands.
Professionally scenic, pop genres. Professionally dancing, vocals. Imitation of a voice.
I take part in performances in Russia.
Faculty of Film and Arts Industry, Netherlands.

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Liza Evans - Sweet
Cotton candy on my lips
Lick it and I melt before your eyes
Half-finished whiskey
You're so close to me, close, close


Liza Evans - Cotton Candy


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Violetta Wennman

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