How to shoot top reels and fly into trends

Reels, Shorts and Clips are the format on which almost all social media content is built. How to shoot "reels" that will gain thousands of views and likes?

Publication from PiterPro_Production together with Mikhail Smirnov (founder and director of CMCproduction and SmartREC).

Reels is a tool to promote your account, increase your reach and followers. Over time, commercial accounts began to abandon text photo posts and build content plans only for reels and stories. And it's not just that. Every year, the coverage of the reels only increases and collects twice as many reactions as regular posts.

The rules of the most popular reels:

How to shoot a trending rill that will be watched and left with reactions? This question was asked by every content manager. We analyzed our work and found out the rules of “top reels”.

1. Will always go to millions of views of videos with a humorous, useful and vital message.

2. Follow the trends. Browse the reels feed, visit bloggers and choose the videos you see the most. Keep track of different authors, sounds and their techniques, trend reels can shoot at any moment.

3. Regularity is the key to success. The best subscriber growth can be seen when content is released 2-3 times a week than once a month.

4. Use text on video. An intriguing title greatly influences whether the user will stay watching the video. If you are releasing useful content, be sure to use subtitles so that you can watch the reels without sound and understand what it is about.

5. The recommended duration of reels is 5-15 seconds. Inspection affects content promotion algorithms. A dynamic and useful video is more likely to be watched than a long 90-second video.

6. Be varied. The same type of content in your workflow will someday get bored and will not bring great performance as before. Try to add funny stories, show “before / after”, use employees. The funnier and more creative the better!

7. Quality. The quality of the video plays a huge role. Cool transitions, montage and a clear image will bring your reels into trends.

By adhering to these rules, you can create a cool reels and promote your account for free.

We know the trend reels algorithm, now the most difficult part is the implementation. In video content, the main thing is the shooting process itself. So how do you shoot reels? Let's talk to our reelsman.

Reelsman Mikhail Smirnov at the next facility

Reelsman Mikhail Smirnov at the next facility


How to start shooting:

The most useful tool that structures the work is the script. A well-thought-out scenario will help the operator to immediately see the frames and implement trend reels.

The terms of reference must contain the structure of the reels. The scenario can be schematic or detailed. It depends on your knowledge, skills and abilities.

For reels, a one-act script structure is great. As an example, it may consist of two frames:

> Close-up of a man in a cool suit in front of an expensive car and Miami beach.

> And the second frame, he hangs uncomfortably against the background of the photo wallpaper, almost falling in funny shorts and flip flops.

What not to forget on shooting reels:

When going out to shoot a reel that will take off, you need to have with you:

> scenario

> charged phone

> free space for footage

> microphone

> electronic stabilizer

> tripod

Reels are spectacular or sticky videos. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to entertainment here. You should compose the frame well, choose interesting and spectacular lighting. Choose the right combination of colors in the frame. Create non-linear motion by following the lines in the frame.

(Reels for Monolith Group of Companies) (building company, video from the studio CMCproduction)

There are a lot of tricks in shooting reels. Everything that works in cinema works here. It is important to maintain a balance of general, medium shots and details. It is the details that make the reels more informative.

- I like to shoot on an ultra-wide module. It emphasizes movement, gives an interesting perspective and scale of objects in the frame.

Video editing reels:

There are many applications for editing video reels. All of them include a large set of features for creating dynamic reels with cool effects. Our reelsman shares his tricks in editing.

- I edit reels in CapCat.

The secret to good reels is simple. It's music that's on trend plus keeping the rhythm in the editing that matches the music. For each sound, beat, transition in music, we make transitions, accelerations and visual effects on the video. Thus, we get an integral audio-visual work that looks in one breath.

So, the material was filmed and video edited, then the layout remains. At this stage, it is important to write a catchy title in the description, put hashtags. This will help attract new viewers and increase the reach of your video.

(video CMCproduction) (Just edited from the full Reels video, but with useful content - easily gain more than one hundred thousand views!)

Post your reels at the optimal time to maximize views. Usually, this is the time when your audience is most active.

Share your reels in stories or other users' pages. This will help expand your audience and drive more viewers to your content.

Don't forget to analyze. Monitor your reels analytics to see which videos get the most views and audience engagement. This will help you improve your content and create more successful videos in the future.

You know the mechanism for creating a cool reels and you can apply it yourself. But if you have a serious business, a project, or deadlines are burning, the best solution would be to give this business to professionals. Specialists who are engaged in shooting and promoting reels understand the niche and will create more effective content that will bring not only views, but also applications!

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