Basic rules for designing content for marketplaces

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How to design cards on marketplaces so that they sell? Selling content for marketplaces and basic rules for designing product cards.

Publication from PiterPro_Production together with Mikhail Smirnov (founder and head of CMCproduction and SmartREC).


Since when buying online people do not have the opportunity to handle and touch the product, the highest quality photographs and informative texts are important to increase sales. The purpose of cards and content on the marketplace is to attract the user’s attention and provide him with comprehensive information. First of all, in product cards, it is important to pay attention to the general visual concept, photographs, rich content and text descriptions.

General visual concept

It seems that on the seller's page on the marketplace there is no mention of any design. But this is a mistaken opinion: the concept of a storefront needs to be thought through carefully.

When it comes to OZON, banners are important - this is what sets you apart from similar offers. The banner should be designed in the brand’s corporate style, making it bright, concise and informative. The purpose of a banner is to attract attention, convey your offer to the user, and also make him remember your brand.

The storefront needs to be adapted to the mobile version. Mobile traffic already exceeds desktop traffic, so most likely, buyers will come to you from smartphones.

Another important aspect is the uniform style of photographs.


Good photos for the marketplace are bright, juicy, catchy. It’s good when the product has a lot of photographs: close-up and general shots, on a white background and in the real environment in which the product will be used. When it comes to clothing and accessories, it is important to show things on the model. Separately removed parts will help the user evaluate the quality of the product.

In reality, high-quality photography cannot be done on your own - it is better to invite a professional photographer who specializes in product photography. There's a lot more to being a photographer than just pressing a camera button. He will set the light, select the best angle, and also do color correction and retouching.

Rich content

Rich content is a mix of product photos with a text part: short characteristics and benefits of the product. Many users do not like to read long descriptions. Such content is a current trend and a new word in e-commerce. You could say this is a mini-presentation of the product, clearly showing its advantages.

Object shooting

Object shooting

Rich content is already used by international marketplaces, for example, Aliexpress and Amazon. OZON and Wildberries are already picking up the trend!


Having a good video in the product card is one of the most important aspects that can significantly increase sales. In the video, the viewer will be able to look at the product from different angles and will be confident in their choice. And also in the video you can convincingly tell about the product - many people prefer to listen than to read.

Purpose of the video: Video for placement on marketplaces.

Our advertising video for the toy "Bear Brown"


The name of the product affects SEO optimization and what categories the product will appear in - a correctly formatted name increases conversion.

It is also better to fill out the product description in detail - especially if you do not have a video and few photos. The presence of keywords in the description also affects sales - it makes the buyer more likely to find your product.

Creating content for the marketplace is a complex job. Our team of professionals is ready to help with photos and videos - contact us!






Shooting advertising for marketplaces.

Video filming of tea advertising. Object shooting.

Publication from PiterPro_Production
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Publication in Russian on the Zen blog


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