Ampleforth launches FORTH governance token

By LodiEzDa | CryptoWorld - Blockchain | 24 Apr 2021

Ampleforth launches FORTH

Hi Publish0x readers!. Today has been a great day for me because after searching for information for all the Publish0x articles about mentioned release, asking the people who make up the Publish0xESP group, watching me a few YouTube videos etc. I've decided to take the step. The step from changing my AMPLs to FORTH.   

The article Igor Tomic wrote about this change, I used to confirm that it was within the deadlines that were required. My doubt was like doing so if I recently moved the profits made on Publish0x to the Exchange they recommended called KuCoin.  

To do this in the Help section of KuCoin you are told step by step. If you prefer you can continue reading this little guide where I tell my own experience.  


The first thing we need to do is see if we can claim the new FORTH governance token. To do this we will go to the and here we will press the CLAIM FORTH TOKENS button. Once this is done we will get a screen like the one below telling us to connect our CONNECT WALLET wallet.


When you press CONNECT WALLET you will get different options to add a wallet. You can add the wallet of METAMASK, WALLETCONNECT, AUTHEREUM, LEDGER and COINBASE WALLET. In my case I chose COINBASE WALLET taking advantage of the one that already had it installed on my mobile device. We will read from the COINBASE WALLET APP the code that will come out of us once you press the button to link the wallet When we link the wallet and the web we will get the next screen asking for the AMPL address. Here we will have to enter the AMPL address of KuCoin. 



One thing we will have to consider to perform this process: We will have to have money in the wallet for gas.

He asked me for about $16 but well taking advantage of the money I had in Coinbase I changed to ethereum and passed it to my wallet to perform the process. With COINBASE WALLET I have not had to create a custom token as I have seen that people have made in METAMASK for example. 

When we have all the steps well done we will finally claim our FORTH. We will receive a confirmation email and we will have our FORTH in KuCoin. In my case I had a little less than an AMPL that was little more than a dollar and when I made the change I got more than $1500.

This has been crazy for me (I didn't believe it) as I am very new to all this and I found it a very nice reward for those of us who are using Publish0x and who send our winnings to KuCoin.   

I would like to thank the entire Publish0x team, Kucoin and of course the new Forth Token. 👏👏👏

You can join Publish0x (if you are not already registered) in the link below. This platform pays in cryptocurrencies to which they register, to those who create items and to those who simply read them.

It's very simple. Cheer up!                      

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CryptoWorld - Blockchain
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