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Onyx Project - Sold Out its Presale Token in less than 24 hours

By Ivy Samboh | Press Releases | 24 Nov 2021

The Onyx project had a private sale of 250 BNB with a maximum limit of 2 BNB for each user. The entire presale balance was sold out in less than 24 hours, and that too without a dedicated marketing campaign. In the first 48 hours of its launch, Onyx has got its listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and has become the number one trending coin on Dextool. It has also obtained a spot for Certik audit and has integrated its logo in the wallet. 

Onyx Game Concept

Built as a vast expanse of play 2 earn fight game, Onyx is built on the BSC blockchain working on Unreal Engine 4. Users can also trade NFTs made out of wearable items, armor, weapons, and other inventory.

The Onyx game has high-quality graphics and provides an amazing gaming experience. The players can customize their characters with up to six different battle classes. The gameplay is smooth and helps the players gain more points, experience, and level up to unlock different missions. 

The gameplay is connected with earning money by integrating into a metaverse of opportunities. The users will play the game but also have the opportunity to earn money while at it. 

As the platform grows and more users join in, the development team will further improve the gameplay and add more content to the ecosystem. 

Onyx Token and Tokenomics

Onyx token is community-driven and will become the sole medium of exchange in the gameplay and platform. The token will power up the community and allow users to interact with each other in terms of money and trading. With further developments, the users can also use Onyx token for staking. 

About Onyx

Built by a team with 10 years of experience, Onyx is a Play to Earn project with a limited token supply with predetermined private and presale campaigns. In total 70% of the Onyx token liquidity has been locked for six months. As the players move ahead in the game and complete the missions, they will also gain more experience, get more powerful weapons, and level up their characters. 

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