TikTok fight club: DOGE 50x leverage being added to Binance Futures
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TikTok fight club: DOGE 50x leverage being added to Binance Futures

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 9 Jul 2020



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So unless you live in a cave you'll have seen that the TikTok gang have been trying to pump Dogecoin to $1.


We can talk about how that requires an impractically insane amount of money (and I did, here: A warning: XRP , price estimates, and market cap ) or we can look at a chart and celebrate the price moves a bit of optimism and hopium can generate.


Binance, not one to miss out on a chance to jump on a hypetrain like a 'cool' uncle and make money off others shattered hopes and dreams, are adding a futures market (there's a noob guide here: stop loss orders, and why 'reduce-only' is so important (Binance Futures live example).


(TLDR: you can trade positions up to 50x than you can afford, opening the potential for untold riches if you're right and a sick feeling in your stomach when you're wrong. Ideal for masochists and adrenaline junkies. )


This will let people who think this is overhyped and bound to end terribly put their money where their mouth is and short sell DOGE. The dreamers who think TikTok might bring new ATHs can long like crazy and finally see if the moon is made of cheese.


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Going live this week (10th July 9am UTC) , full announcement here:


As ever: Watch out for those scamwicks, they will mess you up. Don't risk more than one kidney, etc. etc.


Let battle commence!


See you in the poorhouse.

Ocean x

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press play on tape
press play on tape

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