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By Presearch | Presearch | 7 Dec 2020

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Hey there Publish0x enthusiasts!

We’re excited to announce an upcoming LIVE video Ask-Me-Anything session with Presearch founder and CEO, Colin Pape. The AMA will be hosted live on our website, on December 16th, at 1PM EST.

We've seen interest in Presearch on Publish0x and therefore encourage you to join the AMA to learn more about:

  • The New Presearch Engine
  • Presearch Nodes
  • Keyword Staking Updates
  • Why alternatives to Big Tech are more important than ever
  • Marketing plans for 2021

You’re welcome to ask questions in the live chat and we also encourage everyone to send questions in advance via this form.

The three most unique questions will be rewarded with 1,000 PRE each which can be used for keyword staking, or to run a search node upon public launch.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Team Presearch

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Presearch is a 100% free to use. Presearch is building a decentralized search engine that is powered by the community. Presearch has been rewarding its users with PRE for searching the web since 2017.

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