new fresh errors in the platform

new fresh errors in the platform

By VNFC | practicalstuff | 23 Jan 2021

hi guys

do you met the same issue in notification's window?

A post is found on multiple times in Notifications, like this:


Here, on this small (why is so small?) window, I can see a three times repeated notification from CryptoChartWizzard91 article.

I am curious if it's just in my account or others have the same problem.

@igort, you had this problem?

And, if I am at Publish0x issues, maybe an expanded window for notifications in this position could be more enjoyable for users:


I'd like also to have some filters: notifications by new article published from the guys you follow, keywords, new followers, etc

What do you think?

By the way - I barely wait the non ERC20 coins tips.

You had a great work until now.

Keep it that way!




we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow


about what can you apply or what can you meet and should see it differently

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