Subtlety – Part Twelve: In the Name Of

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 21 Aug 2021

When you say “In the Name of [whomever],” thinking that you can do so to derive authority for a decree, fiat or prayer, you are actually not giving over your spiritual authority to [whomever]. You are home decorating your alchemical laboratory with that [whomever’s] Causal Body accoutrements and drawing upon Their forceful spiritual attainment.

The Sole Arbiter

You are always the sole arbiter of your consciousness, Your Individual Being, Your divine personality. Yet, even Your I AM Presence is not the Ultimate—which hubristic scientists are foolish enough to use their mechanistic methods to seek. Only the One IS; yet, even THAT One but blooms as infinite mystery.

The Phantom Human Has No Authority

Your phantom human has no authority to decree a thing or even to meaningfully prance about. Yes, your phantom human can boss energy around and forcefully configure it into its fav illusory formats. But, Really evolve? Pish tosh!

So You must decree, pray, engage alchemical consciousness—even bless food—in the Name of Your I AM Presence, Your  Holy Christ Self and Whomever master or other sort of immortal Whose Causal Body’s grace You wish to draw upon. Never forget that Real, ultimate authority cannot be transferred because there’s no Real ultimate “other” to transfer it to. Please stop here long enough to “get” that.

You are a Real agent of infinite mystery solving alchemical equations in and as the One. Sure, it’s easy to say you have given over your life to Jesus or Whomever; and, even to born-again mean it. But did you ever bother to ask Jesus or Whomever if they want to include you in their robotic-toy closet? Bet you haven’t; and, believe me, They don’t want more junk. What they want is infinitely evolving, friendly dance partners to share and spruce up the hoedown they’re using to answer infinite mystery’s question: Who am I NOW? Yes, yes, yes. You ARE THAT quest-ion: the One Individual ion pervading the multiverse quest.

Never Forget ULTIMATE

The big deal is that, AS the One, consciousness assumes a heavenly stance in maya. THAT divine alchemical processing imputes free choice. Yet, THAT is but a ticket to ride. Yes, it IS also the ticket vendor. However, THAT vendor, too, IS infinitely mysterious. The One went to the God-awful trouble to passionately create You. Yet, ULTIMATELY, consciousness asserts You—along with the One’s elemental supporting cast—like a Fortran format statement.[1] ULTIMATELY, infinite mystery’s magic prevails; and, it’s intimately available at every fractal “level” of the spiritual Hierarchy.

In the Name of every Fatherly Presence, I foretell You. In the Name of every lady masterful Presence, I unfold you. In the Name of every twin-flaming One, I enfold you.



[1] Fortran (formula translation) is one of the earliest computer programming languages. It uses “format statements” to configure the shape of its output for human consumption.

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Earth is a spiritual schoolroom. Its immortal graduates and Cosmic Beings, who nourish evolving life throughout cosmos, tutor all sentience along the spiritual Path. My writing shares my insights into their wisdom.

Practical Spirituality
Practical Spirituality

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