Subtlety – Part Three: Don’t Eradicate Brahman With Too Much Divine Love

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 24 Jun 2021

This is will surely be the subtlest of this entire “Subtlety” series. No words can really point to the point being pinpointed here. As the Irish might say, “it caunt jus be put ta tha blurt out atall atall.” No prob. While the words will surely fail, the dancin’s t’where my hope may prevail. Take it, then, my invite to put your understanding to rest COMPLETELY. For, comparatively, even “Let it BE” is a precise mathematical equation.

Assume the Great Unknowing. Only there can you garb yourSelf in spherical concepts. Otherwise, you might as well skedaddle off to roast some marshmallows or something. Your time’s precious. Don’t waste it by thinkin’ too hard on the wind shadows I’ll be intimating in you.

Divine Love’s an overwhelm, but not something to get lost in. Anything can be overdone; even the under-doing of it. The One’s infinite mystery evolves. Pronouncing its Word comports the Great Great Silence in a circus clown.

First, only my utter idiocy is willing even to imply that you can purport too much divine Love. Divine Love enables the whole shebang and the whole not-shebang of nirvana.

Second, even my utter idiocy goes off the deep end into a barmy boasting unbeatable chaos when I imply that a flapdoodle human can eradicate Brahman. But, there you have it.

So, here goes. Are you flaunting understanding in the Great Unknowing? Better be.

The ONE Looks Up to You

Your destiny IS; and it is to Be. I AM: out and about I AM THAT I AM. The practical subtlety here is that it is just as important for you to recognize and retain your divine Individuality engaging the Great Service that evolves infinite mystery as it is for you to realize and merge with the One, to portend plenum ineffably each moment.

You know how a boat floats. It’s air-bubbly hull displaces water; and, water just cannot abide disunion. It must come back together. So much so, that the weight of the air-displaced water becomes a pressure pushing every which way upon the boat, including buoyantly upward. Divine Love pushes stuff out of the One in the same way. It floats apparently separate objects up and seemingly out of the One, while, actually, only the One IS.

The Fame and Fortune I AM

Still—silent: divine Love’s end-phantom-all, Be Real-ALL whole shebang makes a Name for itself through You. Both stalwart Beauty and Holy Ghostly twin flame union jig together your momentous, sunny-faced I AM.

Here’s how it goes. Some “thing” airily/mentally asserts itself. This apparently disentangles divine Love’s undifferentiated union. Even so, quantum entanglement remains, for only the One IS. Thus, the divine Mother gives Her special kind of birth, which distinguishes the One; never extinguishes IT. Manifest Reality bubbles up and out. As Ma’s ocean born vessel, every “thing” perceptively exists I AM THAT I AM style, because divine Love is never not realizing THE union.

Yes, yes, yes! Ever-united twin flames buoy up manifestation upon their magnetic togetherness that simply cannot suffer separation.

Advaita Adherents Need to “Get” This

Even so, consciousness overdoing divine Love’s consummate union by paying short shrift to each All in One inhibits divine evolution’s birthing alchemy. The crux of mater is that the Real birthing of THAT upon Ma’s white fire cross evolves the One. THAT cannot Be without its One’s divinely loving twin flame union. Yet, concentrating ONLY on THAT union ignores divinely Individual Beauty I AM THAT I AM.

Real Being IS Up and Doing

Master Morya partook of the same inspiration that this piece is attempting to convey; and so, He issued His command, “Let us be up and doing.” One might think that Morya had thereby gone off His rocker, inciting us to stand out and seemingly “do” stuff. But, of course, He never meant to suggest that we leave off from the One, as if….

Living your busybody life seemingly divorced from the One is very tiring. Wouldn’t it be better to take a break—of the nonstop-infinite variety? Even so, you’re still likely find yourself burdened by the surrounding density you are always swimming through. Thus, even Jesus needed to take a rest in the wilderness at times.

A subtle balance needs to be maintained. Neither BEING nor Being can be ultimately ignored. For instance, nirvana utterly consumes All. Yet, NOTHING continues to evolve. Moreover, NOTHING needs agents like you and me and all of Cosmic Being to evolve infinite mystery’s BEING.

“Spiritual” Obsession

If you insist that your life goal is always to realize the One in Samadhi, you’re effectively setting your sail to eradicate Brahman. Yes, yes, yes! Brahman’s a heavy breather. Multiverse testifies of THAT in worlds without end. So, please realize that the goal of Samadhi is not an utter wipeout. It is a climb upon the spiritual Hierarchy’s endless ladder. It allows an initiate to sample what to them is the beyond the beyond. Yet, correctly being up and doing is also an accelerating summiting.


So…don’t overdo your conception even of your personal Great Great silence. Don’t even overdo your peace as you forge ahead. Get into divine Love’s Great Traffic Jam, Los Angeles style: BEING still in an infinite, hot and heavy hurry to portray your joy to the world.

Bottom line: you can go overboard with divine Love two ways:

  1. You can walk the plank by ignoring Your infinite mystery: fixing your attention upon and identifying with the apparent protuberances that Ma births.
  2. You can go overboard losing yourSelf fully in Ma’s oceanic twin flame union, thwarting Your divine Individuality, Brahman’s own raison d'être.

Hope you’ve still got your Great Unknowing on…spinning your spherical platters, tuning up your vistas. Maybe those old hippies did know how to get a groove on: ‘Too maahhhch! oudda sight!

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