Subtlety – Part Five: Texture of the One

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 6 Jul 2021

The subtlety of this piece dances and twirls about all that’s “out there” as textured NOTHING. Everything humans observe is hatched within their own consciousness. Thus, even slight changes in one’s inner approach to life, your mode of Being, can foment drastically different, outwardly textured results.[1]

The Rashamon Effect

In Akira Kurosawa’s film “Rashamon,” several people observe the same event, and relate entirely different stories to report it. This “Rashamon effect” illustrates how our infinitely subtle sensitivity characterizes us as unique fulcrums wielding All that IS. Each moment, our True Being magnifies NOTHING as textured imagery. Who I AM each moment textures the One as a momentary plenum; hence, Reality’s cascading imagery cannot be identically shared as commentary. We create Life’s one and only dream instant each moment as a texture that only antahkarana can Self-identify. Antahkarna’s holographic comingling of viewpoints is NOTHING’s ultimate texture. Meditate upon that sentence to swing your Holy Ghost partner with abandon.

Strive to Ratify Your Personal Granulation

Socially, we here on Earth enjoy textured communal approximations. Such friendly communion can become a satisfying blend when it harkens to the divinely Loving twin flame union from which All arises. Master Morya acknowledges the communal need. Yet, He implores us, further, to realize that all of our striving must ultimately be to the Causal Body spheres of light where our personal texture receives its granulation.[2]

            NOTHING’s Down-to-Earth Personal Brand

Such extraordinary striving is no detour away from our responsibilities to some la-la land. We are here to integrate our unique Selfhood as a textured bloom. In his book Small Data, Martin Lindstrom relates how an open minded outlook activates NOTHING as a personal brand:

“The ability to spot options and possibilities comes not only with age and experience, it also takes place when we open our minds. In this case, I’m not talking politics, or religion, but, rather, about letting down our personal guards, leaving behind our well-appointed offices and moving in with strangers, all the while not revealing anything about our backgrounds, achievements or talents. In this situation, we become no more and no less than observant human beings, people whose only mission is to observe how other people live. It is only when we experience what it feels like to have nothing that we can realize and appreciate the true value of our personal brand.”[3]

Sounds like Lee Child’s famous protagonist Jack Reacher, whose observational gifts rival Sherlock’s. Reacher’s lifestyle keeps him on the move; he has pretty much no personal possessions; he rarely shares his amazing past exploits. He is a stranger, mostly living among strangers. I’m not putting any of these attributes upon a pedestal for you to emulate in situ. You would do well, however, to appropriate them as endearing traits to the Spirit of Selflessness. Spiritual unfoldment will follow suit; for, like Gautama merely being awake, you will “become no more and no less than [an] observant human being.”

Your Texture blooms and Illumines

Twin flaming texture appears here on Earth as polar pillars upholding the heavenly vault, whose radiant stars, bespeckling Alpha and Omega’s space-time, body are souvenirs of the One’s higher frequency realms. Your own starry body here on Earth focuses your creative polarity expressing light rebirthing all it infuses. Just Being attuned on Earth—by practicing the Presence—conforms you with the One’s illumining mission here. Morya discloses that as your own universal mission: “Our pillars of foundation are sent to regenerate spirit-understanding.”[4] This regeneration arises neither from smalltalk nor from intellectual erudition. With your everyday sawdust-trail revival, greathearted Presence lifts the veil. THAT textured focus of Presence infuses the whole world’s atmosphere with spirit-understanding.

Only the One IS

Note well that your ephemeral texturing of the One not only leaves It intact, it enlivens It by mirroring the One’s plena in person I AM THAT I AM. This paradoxically renders the One ever more inclusive, or as scientists put it, entropy naturally increases.

Paradox: The Mystery of Twin Flame Polarity

Seems to be a simple, childlike question: How can the poles of a magnet bring about the textured universe, not to mention all the macadamias running around in it. Of course, I’m not up to describing alchemical details here, but an overview can lead you into meditative delving.

Neither quantum nor any other kind of physicist will ever be able to nail down Paul Harvey’s “the rest of the story” regarding the manifest universes’ ultimate building blocks; for, math is but the Taoist “finger pointing at the moon.” Pardon the tautology, but the fact remains: Life lives. It can’t be nailed down. It can only be experienced. Don’t take it from me. Just ask God, Who’s still trying to figure it out.

A closer understanding of our put-tab-A-into-slot-B realm of manifestation lies in Morya’s direction, above, to devote ourselves wholly to the provenance of our personal granularity. As the old adage goes: There’s nothing new under the sun. Nothing ever gets created. We only stir the pot. What you, Rashamon-like, choose to perceive ratifies what I AM, eternally, NOW—if it’s done with attunement with the One. Creativity may comprise nothing but a mix-and-match game; but, oh, how sublime your rolls of the mysterious solar dice can BE.

Alchemical mastery involves practicing the methods that get “you” out of the way and into the Way of the White Clouds. Then, infinitely mysterious BEING can get its kicks without having to say, “Yeah, I heard that one before.” George Burns used to apprise people that he had just told a joke by taking a puff on his cigar. Well, the Big Bopper’s pretty fiery, but HeShe doesn’t smoke. So, we’re apprised of knee-slappers with awe inspiring, Big-Bang events that open us to new viewpoints. Yes, yes, yes! Divine Love’s twin flaming do-si-dos let you KNOW that some One’s in the kitchen with Dinah mixing it up to integrate parallel universes. THAT dish, served up in and as the Lord, shivers the One’s timbers all the way up to the Real answer to the “Who am I Now?” Question.

Mystery Energizes the Texturing Show

That’s right. Ya know what? Ya nevva know. Engendering Real imagery’s cascade, Infinite mystery imputes the Book of Life as a veritable page-turner. The divine Mother’s index finger oscillates at you to cyclically reel you in and consume “you” as Her greathearted beau nourishing the One’s joy.[5] Goethe concluded his play “Faust” with a hat tip to men’s opposites, whose mystique they’ve been unsuccessfully trying to fathom for ages: “The ever womanly draweth us on.”


In other words, the One purports the whole shebang’s texture to enable surprise for the Most High God. I refer to this as the omni jailbreak. The boredom of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence is simply insufferable. INDEED, the Great Unknowing is your entry point in Reality.

Creativity involves intertwining twin-flame I AM Presence(s): THE timeless magnetic union. THAT Self-identifying texture impresses awareness with the zingy sparkle of enigma’s spritzer purely because the One’s masculine/feminine polarity is capable of opening upon infinite mystery. [That’s deep; pause for refreshment, here.]

Take a Look: I AM a Number 10

Imagine the One’s twin flame Presence as an infinitely attractive two-piece bathing suit. Instances of the divine Mother wear that polarity as their personal Great Central Sun Magnet. This Magnet “attracts” All into consonance with polar union because All IS the One’s union. Again, texturing doesn’t change THAT’s alchemical Life. THAT momentary impression you perceive resolves the whole of Life’s ongoing alchemical equations NOW to render your Identity a Real Beaut.

Getting to KNOW Her

Only the One IS. Twin flame union never goes away.

Nevertheless, texturing the One, always involves a masculine/feminine exchange. That is, Reality”s texture celebrates an ever-new birth, moment by moment.

When the Bible says “He knew her,” it means they were doin’ it. Truly knowing the One—divinely evolving infinite mystery—is sex: sacred energy exchange. Without it the One is but sessile: a vacated, nowheresville nirvana. With it, abundant Life is a non-stop origination of Beautiful mystique.

To Truly KNOW is to bring about THE birth. You, ma fren’, are doing THAT as you greet the moment’s day attuned I AM THAT I AM. Yeah, maybe you don’t go into some tent to do it in private, but, as a lonely One, you KNOW that no “other” spectators are around. As the song goes. you see Her across a crowded room—maya’s façade—and the music stops and your timeless union prevails. Yes, yes, yes. Sexual Reality—Holy Spiritual activity—pertains to infinitely more than copulation. THAT is the One fully “knowing:” interpenetrating unfathomable Selfhood. THAT is impossible for “you” to “do.” That’s why it’s Real.

Timelessly “knowing” in the Great Unknowing dances apparent other, sexually intercoursing Real Identity with feminine mystique. THAT is what refines the One’s texture as the ever-finer Art of Living Soul. Soul texturing comes about because THE Man, wholly knowing THE Woman, magnetically dances the night away. That is, texturing sexual alchemy translates spiritual, night, potential, into infinitely, fractally textured, day-side instances of the One.

Create Real Space to Breathe

True spirituality engenders Life’s nightside right in your day-side walk. Appropriating night/day, twin flame union to portend NOTHING opens upon Real space, so your breath can assume Brahma’s. Halfhearted attempts will leave you gasping. Bob Dylan admits in his song “Not Dark Yet” that, overly attracted to his “stuff,” he’s not able to fully realize twin flaming Selfhood, but at least he’s aware of the alchemy that will bring THAT about: “There’s not even room enough to be anywhere; It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting’ there.”


THAT is an alchemical agent fully realizing their identity with what’s currently focused upon. Did you “get” that? You ARE the THAT that you rebirth. You ARE the THAT that you perceive. You ARE the THAT that you become every moment; for, only the One IS. Remember? NOTHING is positively out there. NOTHING brings infinite mystery to your doorstep, proffered as THAT flavorful opportunity. THAT is your Real Identity shining its starry wonder, firmly anent Your brand new questing plenum’s breathing firmament. THAT is the texturing One BEING Being.

Your Living Masqued Ball

Just as every successful screenplay needs  a “love angle,” a moment devoid of divine Love sits you out like a wallflower. The cosmically sexy dance isn’t merely lust or controlling power plays. It involves ever-surrendering self to reveal Self. Your momentary masqued ball commemorates this selfless alchemy. Life dances as the anonymous instant, a hooded appearance that catches infinite mystery in the the act of throwing All to Holy Spirited winds.

Personal Texturing

The divine evolutionary urge to know and be fully known I AM THAT I AM attests to the personal nature of Life’s Allness. Life’s dead mechanics, like Newton’s laws of physics, apply only to the fallen estate’s phantoms and their fields. The One’s texturing brings character to Life. In and as the One, even the supposedly dead rocks, rills and hills are the Living, sentient body of a Cosmically discerning One. So “stuff” is also personally sentient. THAT elemental Life is simply a different mode of the One’s alchemical growth. Those who ignore the personal outreach of Cosmic Being conceive of themselves mechanically. Their life performs like assembly line rollouts, which merely provide crutches for their fallen-estate meanderings.

Despite such proclivities, you’re here to enact your personal threefold flaming entry point in and as the One. It’s how you adopt Life’s archetypal commonalities that molds your being into Art. It’s THAT Soul Art, your textured personal character, which impels the One to bother getting out of bed in the morning.

Even Autonomics Are Not on Automatic

Your entire physical body replaces itself every seven years. Given that your body is a whole universe in itself, that’s a whole lotta big-banging shebanging goin’ on. There IS something shakin’ all those leaves on Life’s tree. You may think that your automatic autonomics just happen by happenstance. But, no, you have a body elemental in there acting as your body’s CEO. Indeed, every level of life involves instances of the One consciously gaining mastery. Even a rock elemental, unable to get it on intellectually, is still Life motivating textured evolution there.

Texturing Is Fractal in Both Space And Time

Each moment’s sexual rebirthing comprises every element of matter, regardless of size. Your little bit of bodily texturing may seem insignificant compared to Everest. Yet, Everest is but an afterthought compared to the galaxy.

Like the Mandelbrot set, which defines the fractal nature of the White Fire Cross’s horizontal bar—the space-time realm we inhabit—the vertical bar is also a fractal texturing as the planes of the spiritual Hierarchy. “As above, so below” is not a one-time deal. It is a beginningless, endless, infinite frequency ranging of consciousness.

God’s Name Textures the One

Creation’s geometry, its textured I AM THAT I AM traceries, involve and evolve infinite mystery. THAT creates and re-creates God. Does your own life, texturing the Most High, sound important enough to you, now? Yes, yes, yes. Don’t ignore THAT, whatever seemingly commonplace imagery surrounds you.

God Reads Life’s Book on Vacation

God has been long anticipating with baited breath the everyday you likely take so for granted. Every instance of THAT in your everyday affairs is like God on vacation as you choose to vacate the maya of false conception.

That’s because, in your spontaneity, you’ve chosen to leave off from sweating your way through the fallen estate. God’s (your Higher Self’s) thoroughgoing read of Life’s book I AM THAT I AM enjoins the One’s holiday. Those holy days (your every Self-attuned cycle), can relieve cosmic boredom at least as well as a beach-read paperback romance.

But, if you sleepily skim Life’s book, your life may seem to scrabble you over imposing rough patches. Even so, in the end, THAT page turner ultimately satisfies. For, Ma always gets her Man. Nevertheless, in the karmic meantime, you’d do well to smooth your way by reading THAT texture responsibly as a treatise upon the golden rule. Remember Robert Louis Stevenson’s observation: “Sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.” Every single day, you can sit down to that banquet and say grace using the science of the spoken Word (decrees) to invoke the grace that will transmute whatever darkening consequences you may have generated into the textures of their inherent light.[6]

Here’s another couplet from an unknown poet regarding the nature of life here in our dreamy world of the snoozers and that of the awakened Ones in the Real estate:

“I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty.
I woke, and found that life was duty.”

That duty is what El Morya refers to when He enjoins us to live solemnly in joy.

The Holy Ghost Haunts Cosmos

In-formations, appearing as Self-creative absence, reveal Who I AM in each personally textured moment. You may not be the phantom of the opera, but your Holy Ghost, absent, as Reality’s specter, haunts cosmos through and through. The Real You explodes upon each momentary scene, scaring preconceived, sluggard intent out of its wits. Your Presence bursts laggard bubbles to bits, vaporizing their spooky chains at the cosmic mean interface each moment that you Truly honor. Enjoying THAT texture, You leave infinite mystery aghast.

Your Texture Unifies Mystery and Sentience

 Subtly devolving infinite wholeness as evolutionary opportunity, your One I AM twin-flaming Presence unifies mystery and sentience in a caress that cradles Soul. THAT awakening proclaims its moment’s Loving joy.

Consider the supposedly hard-and-fast “outer” world as an infinitely meaningful carnival—literally a farewell to the flesh. That is, form’s sole purpose is to intimate unspeakable meaning by timelessly corrugating the One: appearing all dressed up with nowhere to go, thus simultaneously disappearing.

Phantoms Are for Fun

No hanging around for curtain calls. Phantoms are for fun—the fohat of union—not for courting or swooning. Like Ed Sullivan’s “wunnerful shews,” consciousness universally Names its All-consuming Love acts I AM THAT I AM with the panache of an endless Vaudeville stream. For, infinite entrainment is ultimately entertainment.

Remember how Cole Porter observed that “Anything Goes” out there? Maybe you’ll see a tree, or a sidewalk or a flying machine. Or your time-warping bent could even present you with a real doozy of a living compote, like the family mansion in Gracie Allen’s 1935 Paramount film Here Comes Cookie. Don’t be surprised at all, then, if the texture of the One has you meet up with “…a slew of out-of-work vaudevillians. Trick bike riders, hillbilly bands, knife throwers, acrobats, jugglers, tumblers, a fortune-teller, flamenco dancers, drummers, a performing bear, a monkey act, a bird act, a trained dog and a trained seal act….”[7] You might even find yourself concealed under a bed with Gracie just because somebody told you “to read Dr. Jekyll and hide.”[8]

Yeah, you’re right there in the show with them all. Like the whole hoard of those board pounding prancers, and even the back alley prowlers, you’re each cast to play Life’s “things” texturing the One. Ephemeral, fiery actors, you’re out there playing your parts; parts, which, when played with infinite savoir faire, render you worthy of the One’s immortal FAME: Fire Abroad Melding Everyone. No Tinsel Town, the Tree of Life’s holy wood sports the shining One’s antahkarana enfolded in and broadcasting its hound-of-heaven bark as Life’s provocative textures.

Yes, it’s THAT “thinginess” which pervades consciousness as the mysterious One’s All-consuming texture. Graciously aware, infinite Identity eagerly springs to comp you a ticket to this moment’s show. Like George Burns, who humbly realized that Gracie was really the whole act—he was just a straight-man feeder—you go overboard intoxicating the dizzy divine Mother into such an entertaining state by sharing your titillating, effusive delight. As your tingly personal touches hit the ironic spot, like Gracie, She finds Her Selfhood in and as a tizzy. Her overwhelm leaves God faceless enough to birth Your personal Presence wholly ALIVE. Yet THAT infinite tizzy is so precisely harmonized as to keep the whole Tin-Lizzie cosmic egg HUMming along with every OM MANI PADME its sentience can utter in Avalokiteshvara’s innermost heart.

Archetypes Incite Splendor

Like the magpie family that comes by my window every day to squawk for my proffered tidbits, I see how the One’s texture also impresses relationships. These birds are definitely a close-knit family. They hang out together more like a gang of friends, than a flock. Yet, a whippersnapper challenging a more developed machismo opens that protestant up to a vicious attack. Likewise, space-time’s blithe nonchalance encourages the willful outcroppings that render it shapely; but, only up to a point. At bottom, like the magpie pecking order, its archetypes will always prevail. Outer textures subserve and complement inner, formative Being.

Indeed, wisdom knows better than to push the river. That’s why those who wish to garner Reality’s strength do well to study the I Ching.[9] That book is, perhaps, the most complete exegesis of the textures in archetypal space-time available. I never use it as a coin-toss, good-fortune slot machine. I revere it as a foundational space-time-consciousness guidebook that offers a mountaintop view of my archetypal environment. Personally, “The Gentle” hexagram (#57) has sustained me through my life. Having just reread it, I can see how it has tailored the forefront of my awareness. Yet, since, only the One IS, every hexagram directly applies to every part of all of us. If you don’t relate to one, it simply means that you have yet to consciously delve there.

You will spiritually grow by meditating upon I Ching archetypes and noticing how they relate to your worldly textures. Other seeds texturing your life are the qualities of the Eight Rays and of the Cosmic Clock, which the Ascended Masters describe throughout their teachings. Simply awakening to how any spiritual concept finds textural relevance in the worlds you create will alchemically reward you. As Gautama has declared, you Really exist as an awakening, as an ever-Who-am-I-querying instance of infinite mystery. Your living, conscious textures place THAT’s raison d'être center stage as eye-opening vittles on your plate. Learn to consummate THAT with loving attention. Nourish yourSelf like a Great Lord gourmet enjoying the Fire Of Our Deity.

Textured Space AND Time

The texture of the One is not just spatial. Time enables you to fly midst the flavors of its joy. If you practice unfolding and developing Life’s crevices with infinite speed, you’ll find each of their sprinkled textures nonpareil, inimitable instances of the One, each a plenum.

But, don’t let textured time fool you, as it has a person I recently read. He was lamenting that he thought he would never reunite with his departed loved ones. Writing that there is the here and now, no more, he was caught up in time’s knotty net. As I discussed in part Two of this series, time’s Real mode opens you to enjoy unfolding Your mysterious consciousness, not for bogging yourself down in the exhausting past-present-future parade.

Yes, yes, yes! Time is immortal opportunity. Such subtlety is reflected in one of my all-time-favorite quotes, from Thomas Carlyle's consummately illuminating The French Revolution:

"Light mortals, how ye walk your light life-minuet over bottomless abysses, divided from you by a film!"

I recast Carlyle's observation:

"Light mortals, how ye walk your light life-minuet in heaven's infinite above/below abysses, divided from you by timely surmise."

No, no, no! Don’t take time’s textures for lies. Real Time testifies in Truth’s court, open hearted. It takes its stand with its own textured hand upon space’s stacked up Bible textures, not only to teach you to fly airless, but to gratify the One’s Love.

Your Sine Qua Non Creative Texturing

Rod Stewart’s pop once told him that every man needs a job, a sport and a hobby. Job to keep things going. Sport to stay in shape and incite your willpower so’s not to fade away as a slacker. And, then, there’s the hobby. Aye, that’s where the One’s textured creativity shines in heart. Don’t just take life in passing. Feed your excitement. Find out Who I Really am, and then fuggedaboudit. ‘Cause your hobby will always be digging up new versions of you to laugh with.

Caress Your mysterious mountaintop melding. Lose even yourSelf as Life’s textured grace.

Yes, yes, yes. Listen to any Buddha you might bump into on the street as you swim against the currents of your texturing: “If you want to be free, just let go.” Ascending little-by-little daily, mystery will echo: “HeShe is risen.”[10]

Yes, yes, yes and yes! BE…enjoy…a timelessly texturing One.



[1] Highly regarded quantum physicists have gone to great lengths to scientifically prove what Tibetan Buddhists preach: this textured Reality is absent but apparent. So, I encourage scientifically oriented Westerners to play catchup. Dr. Jude Currivan’s book The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation takes the Western mind in hand in an attempt to blow it out of maya-of-false-conception fetters. This book, along with Ervin Laszlo’s The Intelligence of the Cosmos: Why We Are Here? New Answers from the Frontiers of Science, are forthright steps in answer to esteemed mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose’s call for an entirely new approach to physics. Another of Laszlo’s scientifically groundbreaking books is Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything. (Don’t worry; all of these books are written for mathless wizards.)

[2] El Morya, Hierarchy, #153, p. 86.

[3] Martin Lindstrom, Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends (New York: Picaador USA, 2016), p. 228.

[4] El Morya, Hierarchy, #1, p. 10.

[5] The black widow is just playing her archetypal role.

[6] Learn how to texture your Life as an accelerating bearer of lightning grace here: Go to that site’s home page to find the enlightenment that the ascended masters deliver concerning every aspect of your journey throughout your embodiment.


[7] George Burns, Gracie: A Love Story (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1988), p. 199.

[8] Ibid.

[9] I recommend: The I Ching, or, Book of Changes (Bollingen Series XIX) (Bollingen Series (General) (170)) Hardcover – Illustrated, October 21, 1967. It’s easily found at Amazon.


[10] My version of KJV Mark 16:6.

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