Visit Portugal - Portuguese Coast, Zambujeira do Mar - Alentejo

By portugal | portugal | 30 Jun 2019



Zambujeira do Mar is a quiet village, famous for its rugged and charming beaches, supported by steep cliffs.

This point is a good starting point for strolling along the cliffs and dunes, and discovering desert beaches, populated only by seabirds.

Its main road terminates on the cliff, from where some rails lead you to the attractive sandy beaches.



Zambujeira do Mar attracts many people from Lisbon, backpackers and surfers during the summer, but it's much quieter than Vila Nova de Milfontes, except during the month of August, when this small village hosts a music festival known as the Southwest Festival.

There is a beautiful 3 km trail between Zambujeira do Mar and the fishing port, which can be done on foot or by bicycle. In Porto de Pesca there are good restaurants.


3 km to the north is the small Porto das Barcas, which offers a landscape that seems insensitive to the passage of time. A few isolated fishermen's huts and a fried fish restaurant emerge.





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