Trip to Portugal - Santa Justa Trail

By portugal | portugal | 16 May 2020

Today I took a very different path. I went through trails in the middle of nature, following a water stream. It was a fun experience, as I encountered several obstacles, in which I had to use creativity to overcome them.

In these places it is advisable to have shoes suitable for the mountain, because as the floor is very slippery it becomes dangerous. And in this place you have almost no network on the phone.





In this place near the stream I stopped listening to the city of Valongo. I started to hear nature, the water running in the stream, the birds singing, the wind hitting the leaves on the trees and the sizzle of the trunks swaying with the wind. This moment is very relaxing, being disconnected from everything, from the internet, from people, from television.


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In this place, I no longer had the water stream close by but I had a big climb where I had to be very careful with the floor, as it was slippery. Fortunately, in this part of the mountain there is not so much deforestation, this area is well protected.


When I got to this place, it felt like I was in a movie. I had to stop and stay for a few minutes to enjoy everything around me. The green vegetation smells like eucalyptus. How good it is to be in a pure place!

Take a look at the photos and comment below if you have had them in places like this.




This training today was more exploration and adventure through unknown places in the mountains. I liked to explore something new, a little risky because in certain places it was quite dangerous, because the climb is so big that you can slip and fall down the ridge below. But in the end, it paid off with the various sensations I had along the way. A path that I will certainly repeat several times.

These mountains are close to the city of Porto and whoever lives near here should know this magnificent place.

If you have a photo in a place so full of nature, put it in the comments and indicate where it is.

Enjoy nature!
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