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Trip Portugal - Pinhão

By portugal | portugal | 1 Feb 2021

Pinhão - Source


In the heart of the Douro, a UNESCO heritage site, is the beautiful village of Pinhão. Unlike many other towns or villages in the region, Pinhão is relatively recent, having been founded only in the 19th century, largely because of the necessity of transporting and accommodating people linked to the famous Port wine industry that is produced on the slopes of the region Douro.

Pinhão - Source

Ponte de Pinhão - Source


Surrounded by countless farms dedicated to the production of Port Wine, Pinhão has grown and developed. Today, this small Douro village receives thousands of tourists a year, who arrive by boat or on the famous tourist train to be able to personally see and feel the process and all the traditions associated with the production of the world famous Port wine.

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The best time of year to visit Pinhão will certainly be the harvest season in mid-September. However, if you want to visit this village at another time of year, you will certainly not miss opportunities to visit any of the many Douro farms.

Train Station Pinhão - Source


Pinhão Train Station is the most beautiful Douro station. Built during the nineteenth century, it is known for its representative tiles for the production of port wine, from the vintage, the treading of grapes to the transport of wine in rabelo boats down the river to the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. The convoy arrived at Pinhão in 1880 which contributed to the rapid expansion of what was once a small settlement.

dxvuw9yn8t.jpg Quinta da Corujeira - Source vkhys2gphu.jpg Wine - Source


Miradouro de Casal de Loivos - Source


From the village of Casal de Loivos, where you can see the Douro Valley and the village of Pinhão, the visitor has the opportunity to face one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. The senses are intoxicated with the aromas, the sounds and the panorama that meets our eyes. Winding paths, villages sown by the slopes. Farms where wines age in casks and below, calm, meek, the river that magnificent mirror that reflects this whole world of charm and dream.

From the viewpoint you can see the mouth of the Pinhão River. The 4 types of vines are perfectly identifiable (pre-phylloxeric terraces, post-phylloxeric terraces, terraces and high vines). The dominant settlement is Pinhão, visible in all its extension, given the viewpoint of the viewpoint. The visible landscape of the viewpoint is typically Douro.

N222 - Source


N222 - Source


Not all of your journey can be considered romantic, but from the moment you arrive at Régua and walk towards Armamar, the whole scenario changes and will surely change your mind. Totally lined with trees, always along the majestic Douro River and with vineyards as a landscape, the 222 National Road is a true sight for sore eyes and full of soul and heart.

Here you can contemplate, with my favorite, all the splendor of the Douro Wine. So get in your car and venture out. You will not regret it for sure.


Pinhão - Source


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