Extra income with ySense

Extra income with ySense

By renangeographia | Portal Geographia | 12 Sep 2020

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For you who have come to this blog and are wondering what ySense is, briefly, let's say it is a platform where you answer paid surveys and perform tasks available daily to users.

To start, I will ask you to register in the platform through the link below:

>>> Link <<<

It is worth remembering that to receive via PayPal correctly, it is recommended to use the same email for both accounts, both in ySense and PayPal. This way, an account will be created for receipt. 💵

Summary (home page)
There you will find the basic information of your account, such as the winning details, total earnings and the daily bonus.



In this section, you can check both your daily earnings history as well as complete new searches. On the page where the available surveys will be displayed, first the temporary surveys will be displayed, and below the icon of the daily survey routers (Peanut Labs and OpinionSurveys). It is always important to leave the survey routers to be answered after the temporary surveys. The surveys are the most effective way to generate income in this panel, and besides the common psychoses of up to 2 dollars, there are those with higher values reaching 4, 5 or 8 dollars.



In the offers, we have different panels from third parties (Wannads, Revenuo Universe, OfferToro, etc), where it is possible to make offers available as isntalar an app, or create an account, make the first purchase of a certain service. Along with these offers there are also surveys, but with a lower value than in the surveys section of ySense. The searches available in the offers section are a good alternative to reach the basic requirements of the daily bonus.



The tasks are made available through FigureEight. There are tasks for different levels and with different values, so when you perform the available tasks you increase your level. The tasks are a good option to gain, because if you get good accuracy, that is, perform them correctly, you can complete several tasks in a row, within a set time, and be meeting the requirements of the daily bonus.



Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is a good option to reach 12% (requirements) + 4% (extra bonus) of extra income each day. It works in three layers:

12% (fulfill certain number of searches, offers or tasks);

+2% (ySense Web Store Addon, Microsoft Store or Firefox 57+ extension);

+2% (consistency in meeting requirements - starts on the third day).

Afilliates (indication)

And finally the cherry on the cake. The affiliate bonus is a great opportunity to generate extra income, because it has no limit of nominations and has a great commission. Just remembering that in ySense the bonus is only valid for the direct referrer, that is, it is not multilevel, you will only receive for your referrer and not for the referrer's referrer. It follows numbers and percentage:

20% commission for each survey, offer or task that the nominee completes (can reach 25% with more than 100 active members or 30% with 200 active members);

$ 0.1 (10 cents) for each active nominee or $ 0.3 (selected countries);

Extra bonus of $ 2.00 when the affiliate reaches $ 5.00.



On this tab are available the various forms of withdrawal, ranging from $10 to $500. As mentioned may occur by PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon or Reward Link Italy.


Now get to work, start now and be rewarded for responding honestly. We will end with some more common questions:

What is the purpose of the research?

The companies contract these researches to evaluate the buying profile of the consumers to launch new products or to measure the current satisfaction of the consumers in relation to their products and brands. For this they invest on these research panels to obtain a parcel of results and indicators based on the profile of the interviewees.

Can I answer as many researches as I want?

No. There is a limited number of surveys launched daily on the platform, based on the profile of the user, while they are being updated as you and other users respond.

Is every survey paid?

Yes, every survey has a value, but will you not always be able to qualify to answer the survey?

What is the reason for not being classified for the survey?

Companies look for different profiles for each type of survey, to get answers from a specific audience in relation to the information they look for, so you will not always be classified to proceed and receive your earnings.

What happens if I fill out anyway?

You will probably fall into a few "footprints" embedded in the forms to detect if the user is answering correctly, and this may imply a ban from the platform or cancellation of your earnings.




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