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Did the Ethereum transaction go wrong? Find out how to solve it in this post 👎🏽💩

By RenanBR | Portal Geographia | 29 May 2020

In this post, we will deal with a problem that each of us may one day encounter in the universe of cryptocurrency, have a pending transaction in the network without predicting to be completed. This is tragic, even more so when you have little ethereum in your wallet and need to send some token or something similar as was my case today. I put a smaller amount to cover the fees and the transaction was left for several hours with no result of completion. So let's see now how to reverse this process and your transaction will be finalized. Let's see what it's like!

For exemplify, we use the MetaMask, which has a button that can easily be used to reverse this process.

When we are going to make a transaction in the MetaMask, there are three fee options, see below:

  • Slow: the cheapest and slowest obviously;
  • Average: average, for those who need agility but are not willing to pay the maximum amount;
  • Fast: for something more substantial that certainly, someone wouldn't want to see standing on the net.

Remembering that these fee forecasts are automatically calculated before making the transaction, it's up to you to check if the time of sending is the most opportune since the fees will be based on the volume of network traffic at that time.

taxas MetaMask 

Alternatively, but not recommended, you can manually customize how much you are willing to pay for the transaction by clicking on "Advanced Options":

taxa gas customizada

You will notice that by decreasing the "Gas Price (gwei)", the "Transaction Time", will consequently increase, increasing also the risk of happening in your transaction the same thing that occurred to me in the situation below. The following message also appears: "Gas Price Extremely Low", that is, it is something that warns you "it's going to shit". Look how embarrassed I was in this situation.


On Friday night (05/22/2020), I had received CLM (CoinClaim) tokens from the task platform and would soon send them to P2P B2B exchange where this token is listed. As we can not withdraw directly to the broker, at the risk of losing your tokens, I always make the process of withdrawing to my portfolio ethereum MetaMask and then send it to the exchange's address. What happened to me is that this day I had only $0.25 in ETH, and the estimated shipping fee at that time was $0.26 in ETH. Well, thinking about this situation I also wanted to make the best of it and I lowered the shipping fee even more than was suggested to me, reducing it to only $ 0.08, corresponding to 5 Gwei in the portfolio.







That's exactly what they thought... OH, SHIT! I gave a fucking deal and got all shit in the network, went to sleep hoping the deal would go through with my miserable fee, even dreamed of Vitalin Buterik (the ethereum dude) making fun of my face...


vitalin buterik

[...] 4 hours and none of the transaction approved

 as we say in Brazil when the kite snaps on the wire [...]

ENGASTAIÔ SÔ (embarassed)🤷🏻


transação errada

Smartly, not wanting to leave with one hand in front and the other behind I decided to ask for help from college students, I remembered that xqanxxx had already made a post about it (check also this post in the list of links), but it was bone, the way he taught here in this post was in Trust Wallet, so far so good, but had to send back, send again, full of courses. I exchanged an idea with Viriat0 PT (he's not from the left) too, I commented with my brother Wandry Moura (my crypto tutor) that are always on the telegram and whatsapp available to have a chat. So suddenly I found the solution...

mamutes turma


As the popular saying goes "the best perfumes are in the smallest bottles"... that must be it... that's the solution!!


This little button below saved my life (if not at least my transaction)

send token


always like this word


After seeing this option in MetaMask, I decided to try this possibility, after clicking this button it gave me the option to increase the rate, even if it did not guarantee the transaction. It's... I admit I thought twice, but I decided soon, better than to keep this transaction still for days, as it happened with the dear friend xqanxxx. I put soon in the average option, estimated in 27 cents, but at the end of the transaction was much less than that, I believe that due to the network traffic was not so intense at that moment. And here's what happened...


speed up metamask






Check below the first and second transactions, after changing the parameter fees. And how I got leave this problem:



RECTIFYING (convetional fee - 13 cents - previsto 26 cents) ---> VIEW ON ETHERSCAN.IO


All that paraphernalia about $0.05 = 25 cents... but at least it made a good story.

clm tokem p2pb2b


It's okay! Works well 👍🏽✔️


So this is it, folks... I've learned several lessons from this situation:

  • being poor fucks;
  • not being a cheapskate
  • perseverance is everything;
  • not to be suspicious all the time and think they'll pierce your eyes at the rates;
  • it's always good to have partners and friends to count on (even more if you roll over a loan at such a time).


I hope you enjoyed the narrative, I couldn't help but tell you this feat and I hope you also learned something useful when you need it. I'll also leave below the download link of MetaMask and my referral links in case you want to see how Satorify works, where I get the tokens, and the P2P B2B exchange, where I trade them.





POST - Have Your ETH Transaction Pending? Learn How To Cancel It With This Simple Guide (author xqanxxx)


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That's all folks!

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