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SERIES | MY TOP10 SERIES OF 2021 | Have you watched them?

By Joao16 | Popular Culture | 2 Jan 2022

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2021 is over and now we look back to remember what this year had the best, because of that i did my top 10 series of 2021 and if you have some other serie that you think it should be here comment below!


  • 1 | Glória

The biggest surprise for me this year, the first Portuguese serie on Netflix with great performances and an incredible story. On Rotten Tomatoes with 93% score of the audience deserved for sure!

During Cold War stage where American and Soviet forces fought through dangerous sabotage maneuvers to achieve control of Europe, a small village in Portugal called Ribatejo is linked to them somehow and there starts a "war" of spies.

  • 2 | Loki

If you are a Marvel fan this year was amazing and Loki was one of the greatest series that Marvel produce. On Rotten Tomatoes with 91% score of the audience deserved!

I cannot say anything without telling some spoiller so.. im just gonna say that Loki takes place after Endgame.


  • 3 | Squid Game

Another big surprise for me this year,  a South Korean serie that if it was in America people would say that is another MRBeast video. On Rotten Tomatoes with 83% score of the audience its deserved but i would give 90%!

Like i said if you like MR Beast you will probably like Squid game but its way more intense and with some plot twists.

  • 4 | Wandavision

Another Marvel serie with a amazing story and a diferent way of telling a story i would say. On Rotten Tomatoes with 88% well deserved!

Like Loki this is after Endgame and what happen to Wanda.

  • 5 | Lupin

Lupin is French story about Arsène Lupin a thief but also a gentleman and thats all you should know. On Rotten Tomatoes with 78% score of the audience way less of what i was expecting i would give for sure 95%!


  • 6 | La casa de papel 5S

At this moment everyone knows La Casa De Papel a Spanish series that release 5th season that is great! On Rotten the 5th season is with 64% score of the audience but the critics give 89% i would give 82% i know what make people angry but it would be a spoiler... lets just say that this make me remember what Grey's Anatomy did when i like some character.....

  • 7 | Mare of easttown

A tipical policial serie i would say but its really good! On Rotten is with 94% score of the audience what shows how good it is!

  • 8 | Ted Lasso 2S

Ted lasso is like FIFA Career you see when you are the coach and the team and with a great story behind. On Rotten the 2th season is with 88% score of the audience.

  • 9 | What if...?

Another  Marvel series! Like i said Marvel this year really did a good job. What if...? is a series that shows us what would happen if in some important moment of Marvel Universe happen in some other way and explores it very nicely. On Rotten is with 92% score of the audience.

  • 10 | Dexter : New Blood

OH shit this was a BIG surprise for me, i don't know if they announce Dexter: New Blood but i just knew when it was released, i don't really see this one because i'm watching the 1st serie of Dexter but based on opinions of my friends i would say that its good. On Rotten is with 89% score of the audience.



Ps: MAKER analysis soon!

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