PoolTogether. A DAI savings game.

As I said with my first PoolTogether post, once my DAI came into my Trust Wallet I would be putting it into this Dapp. PoolTogether.

I was able to do just that last night. This is another saving game that gives you a lottery type odds of receiving some of the interest earned in the DAI deposited in the pool.


Through purchasing DAI as well as completing some of Coinbase learn and earn offerings I was able to use 56 DAI to be able to “purchase” 56 tickets. Those tickets go into the pool, earn interest, and then when the weekly drawing is up you get the chance to win! 


Is this going to give me returns like I get in my Compound Protocol? No. But it is a fun and low risk opportunity to do something different and possibly worth while in the space.


Hoping you find interest in this as well.


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PoolTogether. A great way to save, and win!
PoolTogether. A great way to save, and win!

PoolTogether is a savings account for the stablecoin DAI as well as a lottery to win sweet sweet cash!

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