What will happen to BitCoin in the next years...

By Celin Matteo | TheNextGeneration | 24 Dec 2022

"Bitcoin is a scam!" , "You will all loose your money!"...

Those are the typical phrases that people who doesn't know anything about cryptos says.

I'm a random guy that would like to express his opinion of what will happen; we all know that we are living in a bearish market, not only for cryptos but also for the stock market. The leading digital coin is Bitcoin: if it goes down probably also the other cryptos will. 

I wouldn't say that is was all a scam, that nobody made money with it and now cryptos are dead. In fact is not the first time that we are seeing big crashes; the year when I was born: in 2008 was an enormous crisis, and also when cryptos weren't know from many people as they are know ... we are in the 4th crash!

By the way I believe that if Bitcoin survives during this period it could reach a lot higher value, on the other hand if everybody starts to sell, the procedure will be slower. Generally I think that the big problem is not this specific crash, but the fact that the governments will never accept the substitution of $,£,€ etc... Another reason why cryptos will not become part of the everyday life of all the world in the next years, is because of the old generations, the ones that fought for their own currency and will never accept that the trends will replace it.


Crypto world is yet to be completely discovered, some people agrees that will be the next method of payment and someone not.

My opinion will not change the view of anybody, but I believe that if you invest in Bitcoin short-term, you are wasting money and time...

What's your opinion ?


ps: all those informations are my opinion, it not financial advice

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Celin Matteo
Celin Matteo

Hey, I'm just a random guy born in 2008 that tries to support economically his family; nothing more...


I'll just keep updated my audience on what I think the future of cryptos will be. I hope you will like my work, have a happy informative day.

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