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Market Analysis on November 25th, 2021

By ZT Global | analysis | 25 Nov 2021


At present, the 4-hour btc level oscillates around the new Boxtheory. If there is a drop that causes the other coins going down, you don’t have to worry too much. The hot spot is still in gamefi,  you can keep your eyes on it.


Lit web3.0 cross-chain protocol. At present, the popularity of web3.0 is slowly heating up. If gamefi's popularity is past, it may be a relay of web3.0. The currency has just reversed its 4-hour level and is suitable for medium and long-term holdings. Short-term outbreaks may not be so. Fast, the target can be set above 200%.


Numbers Protocol, web3.0, investment by well-known institutions including binance, the popularity has just risen, focus is on, medium and long-term target above 3.991d097c351a41b8623c5ce3bf882fdee8efde8c4e9f4c1dffa36f6e38e26cf0.png

Deforest said that it will give benqi investors a certain amount of airdrops. Since the last wave of rally, the currency has basically been pulled back in place. You can buy in the dip. If the profit is more than 30%, the profit can be gradually token.


Star Atlas, the game quality discussed in the previous stage, is currently profitable by more than 50%. If you have patience, you can double the principal for the medium and long-term, and you can also consider controlling the position in the short-term.

Risk Warning

The above analysis is for reference only. Please be cautious when invest as there are risks in the currency market.

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