Why You Should Be Cloud Mining Electroneum

Cloud Mining Electroneum (ETN) Via Mobile App

By Political Noob | Polnoob | 3 Jan 2020

I've been researching crypto mining for some time, but the time, money and effort required to start are a serious barrier to entry.  Not to mention that you will likely end up spending more on your electric bill than you ever make in coin (for most cases, as an individual).

Electroneum is a mobile-based cryptocurrency that allows users to 'cloud mine' the ETN token, which allows users in developing countries to purchase groceries, mobile minutes, digital services, etc., even in places where they don't have access to banks.

All the users need is a phone to download the app. But the actual mining runs in the cloud on Electroneum servers, not on your phone.

The Electroneum network is green, according to their website, using the same amount of power as a single lightbulb, compared to something like Bitcoin, which many argue is horrible for the environment, with mining farms using up huge amounts of electricity, worldwide.

Will this app make you wealthy?  Not at all. But it's free crypto. You can convert it to Bitcoin, sell it for USD, send it as a tip to your favorite streaming channels, donate it to charities that accept cryptos at the end of the year, whatever... So I decided to download the app and see what it's about.

Just for setting up the Electroneum app, I received 25 ETN. Took less than 3 minutes. They do require KYC. If you can take a selfie then it’s easy.

I started cloud mining (just by clicking a simple button), closed the app, and kicked back for 24 hours. I generated about 1.93 ETN in the first day. 

  • Data use is miniscule, nothing noticeable. Consider it's being used extensively in countries where unlimited data is unheard of.
  • Battery use is the same, it runs in the background when the app is closed and I saw no decrease in battery life.
  • You can run the Electroneum app for 7 days at a time before you have to click a button to extend the process.
  • You can turn it on or off at any time, but I will probably let it run all the time.
  • You can install the app on up to 5 devices (Android or iOS) on a single IP address.

Androids, download the app here.

iPhones, download the app here.

Neither of those are referral links, they just take you to your app store.  Of course, if you do want to add my referral code, you can do that in your settings in the app, and we will both get a % bonus on the amount of ETN that we generate. My Electroneum referral code is 93F273. 

Thanks for reading!

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